Workshops on Manipulators and Character Disorders Coming Soon

For several years, some significant medical issues have prevented me from doing workshops, seminars, and bookstore signings, making television appearances, and attending other public events.  However, circumstances have improved for me to the extent that I’m  in the planning stages for one possible final round of appearances both here in the U.S. and abroad.

I would consider it ideal to include every major region of the country in the seminar schedule.   And although some of the workshops will be planned by my own agents, it’s also sometimes helpful to have a sponsoring entity or consortia of interested parties host the event, inasmuch as that often results in better visibility and attendance as well as a lower per-person cost.  So I welcome any suggestions about any organizations to potentially work  with and will entertain any reasonable proposal by interested parties or groups, and they should “Contact Dr. Simon” via the contact feature on this blog or directly by email (which can be obtained using the contact feature). I present to both lay audiences as well as helping professionals, and some of the most well-attended and well-received seminars I’ve given in the past have been to the “crossover” audience of both groups.

Presently we’re discussing possibilities for the first anticipated workshop, sometime mid-fall in the northeastern section of the country, possibly Westchester Co., NY.  As more information becomes available, and as a schedule develops for this venue and for other regions of the country, I’ll post it on the blog.  We’ll even be adding a separate page on the blog that will include a calendar of events.

15 thoughts on “Workshops on Manipulators and Character Disorders Coming Soon

  1. This is such great news– For us AND for you!! So happy to hear your health is improving!

    I SO HOPE you are coming to my neck of the woods!! but, even if you aren’t, I have friends in NYC and won’t hesitate to fly out to Westchester…

    Congratulations on hitting the circuit:)

    1. Thanks so much. Our primary target areas include, Pacific Northwest (possibly Seattle or Portland), California (possibly LA, SD, or Bay area), Southwest (possibly Phoenix area), Dallas or Houston area, Southeast (Atlanta, Jacksonville, or Tampa area), and Northeast. Weaker possibilities are Chicago area, St. Louis area, and Nashville area.

      In the process of exploring all options now and scouting out possibly interested parties.

    2. I would gladly come along. Unfortunately I live in Finland and can’t afford to travel right now. Is it possible to get anything on the video? On Youtube?

      1. I think I was unclear. Will anything about the workshop be shot on video? If not, that’s okay, too.

        1. Thanks for clarifying. Some seminars will be taped, others will not. The resulting footage will be compiled, edited, and made available for digital download or on DVD.

      2. Hi J, do you remember where, under which article, we were discussing therapy yesterday? I cant find it!! If you know, please post here. Thank you. Puddle

  2. I would definitely enjoy hearing what you have to say in-person. I live in washington state (west coast) myself. I think your presentation would be very insightful in this day and age.

  3. Dr. Simon, my husband and I are very interested in attending a workshop here in the Southeast. May we suggest Charlotte or Jacksonville as possible venues?

  4. I really think Los Angeles needs this sort of workshop. So many character disordered people work in the entertainment industry…and so many neurotics as well. Would love to see a workshop in Los Angeles. Thanks so much for all you do. Your work has helped me very much in a very short time. Take care and stay well!

    1. Still working out arrangements with potential sponsoring entities. Even if the ideal sponsorship doesn’t occur, I’ll be self-arranging the seminars, and we’ll be covering all major regions of the country, starting this coming fall and continuing through the end of summer 2014.

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