Why Character Matters Now More Than Ever

Why Character Matters

Training seminar attendees often ask me why character matters so much. Of course, I tell them nothing matters more. Name a problem, I explain. From gun violence, to domestic abuse, to dirty politics, to shady business practices – all our social problems ultimately trace back to character. And that’s precisely why character matters so much.

A Case of Mass Enabling

In one way or another, we’ve all helped foster character’s demise. Perhaps we didn’t mean to do so. But we’ve all inadvertently allowed character to not mean what it used to mean. This is classic enabling. And it’s often insidious how this happens. In our politics, for example, we naturally tend to concern ourselves with our pet causes or agendas. And someone who promises to advance our cause might get our vote. Once elected, they might even make good on the promise. So, we lend them our support. But in the end, it’s how they conduct themselves overall that affects the bigger picture. It’s their character that makes the difference.

Freedom and Character

To work well, freedom demands character. In the absence of character, freedom becomes license. This is a land of great liberty. But the freedoms we enjoy can be easily abused. Only character can ensure that freedom won’t be abused. No law, rule, regulation, policy, or procedure can guarantee the responsible exercise of freedom. We have millions of regulations on the books. But abuses are still everywhere. It’s not that we don’t have enough rules. What’s missing is character. Still, sadly, we keep focusing on rules. And we ignore character and what it takes to foster it.

Will Character Ever Matter Again?

Character will matter again when we as a society decide to make it matter. But to do that we have to look beyond ourselves, our pride, and our many self-serving agendas. We have to find the heart to honor and serve something much bigger. The willingness to do that – to rise above our natural selfishness – is what real integrity is all about. And in our troubled times, we need it now more than ever. That’s ultimately why character matters so much.

An Anthem for the Millennium – “America, My Home”

Every major patriotic holiday, I sound the same trumpet. Some are likely tired of that. But I’ll continue to do it. Why? Because we’ve become hideously desensitized to the most outrageous displays of poor character. Bad character has become dangerously normalized. And it’s surreptitiously killing us.

Just before the new millenium, my wife and I wrote a song about the land we love. Its message is personal. We meant it to stir hearts. And we wanted to send a particular message. The greatness of America has never rested in its military might or economic power, both of which are second to none. Rather, it’s people who honor and embrace its best ideals and live them out in their daily lives who make America great. It’s character. Want to make America great again? Do your part to be of good character and to inspire and expect decency of character in others.

Happy Independence Day! Please, don’t abuse any freedoms! And I hope you enjoy, America, My Home!. Find it also on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Why Character Matters Now More Than Ever

  1. I have a disability of my spine and high stress from extreme trauma. I can not keep remembering all of my passwords and wish to reset but George Simons site does not allow to reset password. That means I can’t get in to it for more detailed information nor communication and it is not fair. Please allow me to reset my information or start over.

  2. Today I went to a Pub and enjoyed a cup of Coffee. I also got my Hair cut. These two small things I have not been able to enjoyed since March here in the U.K.

    Happy 4th July

  3. Dr. Simon, thank you for continuing to beat the drum. Without character the values and freedoms we have enjoyed will not continue. I am so grateful for being born in America as a result of 3 of 4 grandparents moving here from Poland and from The Netherlands in very early 1900s. Maintaining character to today’s culture is not easy, but as those of us who have done any amount of recovery know, the right way is often the hard way. Jesus told us: “In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you. For this is the essence of the Law and the Prophets. Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.…” Thank those of you who make the hard choices which strengthens us and our country, thank you, Dr. Simon, for your beautiful song, and mostly thank God for His goodness and mercy as we go through these difficult times. Happy July 4th! Sharon

  4. What can you offer to your child, your friend, and/or your partner, if you can not offer them honesty, truthfulness, generosity, loyalty and maybe a little courage? How can one have confidence in ones self if these are all lacking?

  5. “Why Character Matters Now More Than Ever”

    Dr. Simon, I give you a huge “Thanks so much!” for sharing your observations and conclusions over the last 30+ years. They ring true in the ears of those of us who are truly “looking for love” in this life. The description of people who covertly oppose us in our daily lives as “Aggressors” has greatly strengthened my heart and mind. I no longer wonder what’s going on – I now know – who is interacting with me in a beneficial and caring fashion, and those who are of malevolent intent (and there are a lot of them). Today’s media is constantly trying to blur the lines and whitewash the opposition to our American way of life. With all the craziness going on around us, now more than ever, character matters.

    Thank you once again Dr. Simon
    God Bless!

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