‘Tis the Reason

This is the time of year I doubly count my blessings.  And some of my biggest blessings in life have come as a result of this very weblog. I’m not only privileged to have a loyal following, but getting the validating messages I receive every week from readers remains a most heartwarming experience.   The season has always been special to me, but it’s been made even more special by the many tokens of kindness that pour in this time of year.   I most grateful.  All this is to say a most sincere “thank you” to all of you for the untold meaning you give to the labor I’ve loved from the very beginning.  You’re a big part of the reason for the special character of this season.  So, to everyone, my sincere wishes for a blessed holiday filled with joy, family, friends, giving, and sharing.  And may the new year be the brightest yet for you and those you love.

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