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Comments from a Reader of “In Sheep’s Clothing”

Your book helped me understand why I am such an “approval junkie,” how I got manipulated, why I always hated confrontation, and why I had so little confidence and self-respect.

Getting A Covert-Aggressive To See the Error of His Ways?

Both of my books point out that when it comes to covert-aggressive personalities or any other disturbed character, “they already see, they just disagree.”

Reader Comments on Blog Posts and New Book on Character Disturbance

“When we first started dating, I misinterpreted everything he did, thinking that he was really the victim of many unfortunate events, I would almost pity him, and the things that happened to him.”

Shameless and Guiltless Thinking

A key feature of the most disordered individuals is that they neither care enough nor think enough about how their patterns of behavior reflect on their character.

End-Game Thinking

Disturbed characters tend to feel so entitled to whatever they desire that they believe the ends always justifies the means they employ to secure their wishes.