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What Neurotics Don’t Get About Disturbed Characters

In my new book, Character Disturbance, I go to great lengths to highlight the many and significant differences between most folks and people of disturbed character.

Dr. Simon’s New Book on Disturbed Characters Now Available

“Character Disturbance” presents a framework by which almost anyone can understand all the major personality types, what makes them the way they are, how they think, how they conduct their relations with others, and what a reasonable person has to do to avoid being abused or exploited by life’s most unsavory characters.

Abuse Victims Try too Hard to Understand

Neither party in an abusive relationship ever finds the motivation to change the status quo unless the principles of responsible behavior take precedence over “understanding.”

“Dexter” And The Truth About Psychopaths

Psychopaths know very well how most people think and respond, so it’s easy for them to manipulate others into making false assumptions about them and into a false of sympathy for them when they exhibit their heartless behavior.

The Ten Commandments of Character

The “ten commandments” of character are just one of the major features of my new book “Character Disturbance” that address what has to occur in a person’s character formation to enable them to function in a truly adaptive, pro-social way.

New Books on Manipulation & Character Disturbance

For the first time, [In Sheep’s Clothing] allowed people to understand what was really going on with their abuser, how they managed to get hoodwinked, blindsided, and manipulated, and what they could do to keep such things from happening again.