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Misunderstood and Misused Psychology Terms – Part 1

Perceiving the nature of a problem accurately and labeling the psychological realities underlying it correctly are of paramount importance when providing or seeking help. The current series of articles will address some popular misconceptions and the principal reasons important psychological principles and terms are often misused or misunderstood.

Personality and Character Disorders – Part 3

There are relatively few problems that come to the attention of mental health professionals that are strictly the result of disease processes, biochemical abnormalities, extreme and unusual circumstances, or involuntary factors. Personality disturbances, and especially character issues, are often at the heart of things, although they’re rarely diagnosed.

Personality and Character Disorders: A Primer

Traditional personality perspectives have proved inadequate when it comes to understanding the makeup of the more unsavory characters among us. That’s why for years, many in the behavioral science field (myself included) have advocated for a more comprehensive conceptualization of personality.

Manipulation and the Problem of Perspective

The way that most of us, and most especially, mental health professionals, have traditionally been taught to view human nature and behavior is actually the biggest obstacle to understanding and dealing effectively with the unscrupulous and devious folks among us.

Evasion – Manipulation Tactic 8

Evasion is a one of the main tactics manipulators and other disordered characters use to maintain control in situations. When you confront such persons about their behavior, they will often attempt to sidestep the issue or to avoid the subject altogether.

“Denial” Top 5 misused psychology terms – Part 1

Anyone familiar with the “jargon” of mental health professionals of all persuasions has undoubtedly heard the term denial.  What you may not know is that it’s fairly common not only for professionals but also for others to use the term improperly or in a poorly defined or over-generalized manner.  In classical (psychodynamic) psychology, denial is an unconscious … Continue reading “Denial” Top 5 misused psychology terms – Part 1