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Personality & Character Disorders Pt 5: O-C & P-A Types in Depth

When the person in a relationship with you has a full blown Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder (PAPD), life with them can be a real nightmare. Why? Because it’s so hard to simply disengage with them when they’re doing their negativistic, whining, petulant, and vacillating “thing.” Tell them to simply go and do the shopping they said they really needed to do instead of whining that you’d rather go out to dinner and they’ll immediately retort that you just don’t want to be with them. Tell them that you’d love to have dinner if that’s what they’d prefer and they can do the shopping later and they’ll complain that you’re just saying that to make them feel better. There is never any “win” with them – only negativistic, vacillating, entanglements. You want to stay out of the traps, but they’re so easy to get into and awfully hard to get out of.