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Testing Resolve Strengthens Character

In many ways, character is like a psychological immune system. Stressful things happen to all of us, but when you have a rightly developed will, you can more readily summon the internal resources to weather the storms of life. Still, the strength and solidity of our will must always be tested.

Misunderstood and Misused Psychology Terms – Part 1

Perceiving the nature of a problem accurately and labeling the psychological realities underlying it correctly are of paramount importance when providing or seeking help. The current series of articles will address some popular misconceptions and the principal reasons important psychological principles and terms are often misused or misunderstood.

Personality and Character Disorders – Part 3

There are relatively few problems that come to the attention of mental health professionals that are strictly the result of disease processes, biochemical abnormalities, extreme and unusual circumstances, or involuntary factors. Personality disturbances, and especially character issues, are often at the heart of things, although they’re rarely diagnosed.

The Arizona Shooting’s Broader Tragedy

There are many not so easy to justify reasons for the prevailing attitudes toward mental heath issues, and as a result, genuine brain dysfunctions – despite their devastating impact on patients, families, employers, and friends – aren’t regarded in the same manner as diseases of the liver, pancreas or lungs.