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Finding Joy by Creating It

Finding Joy Finding joy in life seems hard these days for all too many. There are several reasons for this. For one, the very way some of our daily lives are structured can easily suck the joy out of living. And, if we happen to be in a relationship with a disturbed character or have … Continue reading Finding Joy by Creating It

Facilitating Conscious Awareness

To be genuinely open, we have to accept the inevitability of pain. And if we don’t transform any pain we do experience, we’re certain to transmit it.

People With Character Disturbances: Openness Vs. Awareness

Disturbed and disordered characters are often so married to their ways of seeing and doing things that they can’t give due consideration to other perspectives. They’re usually aware of how others want them to see and do things, but they’re also opposed. Naturally, this creates problems in their relationships.

People With Character Disorders: How Aware Are They?

The question of “awareness” is inherently confusing, partly because our understanding of it has been heavily influenced historically by traditional notions about the unconscious mind, and public acceptance of the idea that most human behavior is motivated by factors mostly outside of a person’s conscious awareness. But as most people who have been involved with a disturbed character already know, a person can be fully conscious of their behavior and motivations yet not necessarily particularly mindful, attentive, thoughtful, or considerate. And that’s perhaps at least in part why there always seems to be such debate about how “aware” disturbed character’s really are.

They Know What They’re Doing

If you’re dealing with someone in your life who fits the description I offer of the disturbed character, despite the fact that you might feel tempted to believe otherwise, they’re probably quite aware of the behavior that’s driving you nuts.