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“Bored” Teens with Murder on their Minds

To simply blame guns and to not be outraged by the mindset (e.g., entitlement, no empathy, mindless sensation-seeking, disregard for the value of life) that prompted the senseless murder of an innocent tourist is not only the epitome of denial but a stark reflection of our society’s seemingly steadfast refusal to reckon with the defining social issue of our times.

Powers To Be Reckoned With: The Channeled Aggressors

We all know people who seem to want everyone to know they are a power to be reckoned with — folks with little regard for anyone they perceive to be less tenacious and goal-driven as they are, There’s something about such people that goes beyond healthy assertiveness. And living or working with them can be a truly stressful experience.

Antisocial Personalities: The Unbridled Aggressive Pattern

Unbridled aggressive personalities frequently find themselves in conflict with the the law, commit criminal acts, and spend much of their lives incarcerated.

Aggressive Personalities: The Sub-Types

The inordinate predisposition for aggression lies at the heart of some individuals’ character disturbance and influences every aspect of their growth and development.

Aggressive Personalities: An Upcoming Refresher Course

Human aggression is most often manifested in the unscrupulous and undisciplined will to power.

The Tragedy in Newtown

Far too many individuals among us enter adolescence and adulthood without having developed the internal controls necessary to adequately regulate their behavior, and especially, to modulate their violent impulses under duress. That so many have so few controls is in itself a major tragedy in our culture.

Understanding Predatory Aggressors

The nature and prevalence of human aggression is generally poorly understood. This is especially true when it comes to differentiating reactive vs. predatory aggression. To avoid victimization, you really must heighten your awareness about the kinds of aggression disturbed characters exhibit.