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The Inattentive Thinking of the Disturbed Character

Disordered characters hear what they want to hear, remember what they want to remember, and learn what they want to learn.

The Extreme Thinking of the Disturbed Character

Disordered characters tend to perceive things in terms of black-and-white or all-or-none.

Egocentric Thinking

When the disturbed character wants something, he doesn’t necessarily think about whether it’s right, good, or legal — or whether his pursuit of it might adversely affect anyone. He only cares that he wants it. His incessant concern for himself and the things that he desires creates a pattern of thinking which embodies an attitude of indifference to the rights, needs, wants, and expectations of others.

The Covert-Aggressive Personality

The covert-aggressive personality employs a potent one-two punch: concealing obvious aggressive intent to ensure you never really see what’s coming; and exploiting your normal sensitivities, conscientiousness and other vulnerabilities to manipulate you into succumbing to his demands.

The Sadistic Aggressive Personality

Sadists love to build themselves up at the expense of others. It makes them feel powerful to wield almost tyrannical influence over those they perceive as weaker or inferior. They derive pleasure from watching others cower, grovel, or struggle in one-down positions.

Evasion – Manipulation Tactic 8

Evasion is a one of the main tactics manipulators and other disordered characters use to maintain control in situations. When you confront such persons about their behavior, they will often attempt to sidestep the issue or to avoid the subject altogether.

Disturbed & Neurotic Behavior

In most unhealthy relationships, at least one of the persons is likely to have a significant disturbance of character. Relationships can be particularly unhealthy if one person is significantly character disturbed and the other is overly neurotic. The primary defining qualities of the disturbed character are a deficient, immature, or absent conscience, ego inflation, problematic … Continue reading Disturbed & Neurotic Behavior