Spiritual Awakening and Character Growth

Spiritual Awakening

There’s a lot of talk about spiritual awakening these days. That’s not surprising. Character-impaired times naturally produce spiritual voids. So, folks feel both an emptiness and a deep yearning inside. And that leads them to search. Moreover, for many, our traditional spiritual growth systems haven’t provided the answers they seek. That’s led some to pursue different paths. And it’s left others pondering what path to take.

Spiritual awakening is the ultimate “ah, hah!” experience. We come to a higher level of awareness. And while someone’s awakening can seem a sudden, thunderbolt experience, it’s really more of a process – a process of transformation. Some have referred to it as a “metanoia” or change of heart and mind. We come to see a much larger picture. Moreover, we feel drawn to become part of something greater.  Seeing things differently, we feel moved to live our lives differently. This is the essence of what spiritual sages throughout the ages have called “conversion.”

The Psychology of Character Growth

True character growth occurs on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual level. We have to honestly and fearlessly reckon with our feelings, our ways of thinking, and the deepest yearnings of our soul.  To be of sound character, we must be more than just morally good. We must be intimately connected to the source  of good.

I’ve devoted much of my professional life to understanding and dealing with character disturbance. And I’ve striven to learn how to best promote character growth in the the folks I’ve worked with. If our times and many trials have taught us anything it’s that character matters. Perhaps it matters more today than ever before. Toward that end, as you may well know, I’ve been trying to complete a new book. But before I can feel good about releasing it, it also needs transforming. To date, it’s still a bit heavy on the moral side of things. And it needs to speak more strongly on the spiritual aspects of character integrity.

We fashion rules to protect us but they simply cannot save us. And we adopt codes of conduct to improve ourselves but they alone can’t adequately grow us. We have to be connected to something bigger. And we have to let that something bigger transform us.  This is the point I really want to make when The 10 Commandments of Character finally comes out. Pray I’m granted the wisdom to convey the message well.


Character Matters may soon find a new broadcast home. In the meantime, you can access all the podcasts on UCY.TV YouTube site. I’ll keep you posted on the latest developments.

As always, my sincere thanks for recommending my books and this blog to others.

15 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening and Character Growth


    You have reach out inside your self.
    ” IF I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP ON ME” then there is no hope at ALL
    Take every day as it comes and then………………………………………………………………deal with it as best you can.

    My hero is a man called Steve Callahan. https://youtu.be/x4bn6tLGavE

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, experiences, knowledge and support.
    Reading your books has given me strength to outgrow victimhood and survival and begin to thrive, yet to retain a sense of compassion and hope (albeit from a distance!) for those whose character disorders seek to destroy others. I look forward to your posts and reading your new book.
    God is with you,

  3. My prayer for you Dr. Simon is this…May God grant you the wisdom and direction today in writing this book so that millions of people may find the knowledge God so desires for his people to be set free!!!
    Thank you Lord for inspiring Dr. Simon to write all that you have revealed to him so that people can be helped through their struggles and out of their struggles in this life.

    1. Echoing Lydia and Jen, I pray His Spirit guides you in your book’s final stages. May the work flow and reach many hearts in need of its message. Amen.
      So grateful for your work, prayers and advice. Their impact on my life, my own character and on the those I love has been profound. Healing and integrity do go hand in hand. Thank you.
      Time is poetry!

  4. BTOV,

    The Four Agreements – author Don Miguel Ruiz

    1.Be impeccable with your word.
    2.Don’t take anything personally.
    3.Don’t make assumptions.
    4.Always do your best.

  5. A narcissist is not going to be capable of service work, not when they truly believe they are the center of the universe-a delusion that there is no pill for.

  6. Doing well-nothing to report-funny how that works. New job and new city too-not for the narc reasons but for work opportunity.

    1. JC,

      If I may ask, what part of the country? Sometimes I think of relocating due to narc problems. Its so true, the CDN just don’t give up, they seem to return hoping for a drop of supply. The difficult part for me now is, I have such a great church family. Everyone reaches out to each other just like in a real family, so in that sense I am blessed. I am also blessed for the many on this blog.

      I also think of you and E when I hurt, both of you extended me such soothing words of comfort. I hope you grace the blog more often if not just to add your much appreciated advice and experience. Just know we all care.

      I am working on a dandelion tincture and salve right now along with nettles. I have an herb garden that has gone wild and will be expanding next year. How about you?

  7. Working on the same herbals! I am buying at a health food store I work with as I own a cat.

    Midwest/South Central US.

  8. JC,

    Thank you, OK, I think you are still where you were last we heard from you. With the cat, I have catnip growing everywhere in my yard. I tinctured it last year but haven’t tried it yet, will be making a pint this year to compare. Great companies I found are Mountain Rose and Monteray Spice, actually reasonably priced.

    1. I moved south to Texas for clarification.

      Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the catnip and such-grows in my front window since Im in an apt.

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