Peace Joy and Love to All

While it may seem trite to some, I’m writing this post to wish peace, joy and love to all. I’ve had a most remarkable year. I’ve been blessed with enough health to carry out a nationwide speaking tour. And I’ve have had the good fortune network with hundreds across the globe seeking a more empowered, fulfilling life. Moreover, a record number of troubled characters who’d come to their senses have sought and embraced guidance. My life is as rich as a life could possibly be. And I must largely credit all of you, not just for all your support over the years but also for all you’ve taught me.

The Heart of Peace, Joy and Love

When it comes right down to it, the most significant things in life involve relationships. True peace, joy, and love can only be found within the context of relationship. I’ve always been troubled by how many relationships these days become toxic. So, I’ve devoted my career to helping folks more successfully navigate through our character-disordered times. I want as many as possible to experience genuine love and joy. Real peace is peace of mind, heart and soul. And what better place to find it than in the comfort of a solid relationship?

Going Forward in 2017

I’ll be doing more workshops next year, tapering off over the summer. And I’ll be releasing The 10 Commandments of Character before spring. I plan to scale back considerably come mid-August. But I’ll be posting weekly articles on the blog, to be sure.

I offer my sincere thanks to all the commentators. Hundreds appreciate the wisdom you share. I also thank you all for your support of my work. It’s because folks like you recommend my books to friends, relatives, etc. that I’m able to indulge my passion.

I wish you all the blessings of the season. I pray you find the new year filled with peace, joy, and love. And I pray you find the happiness that comes with a healthy relationship. Remember, you must first know and love yourself. Be of good and solid character. That makes it easier to judge the character of others. And above all else, be true. The truth is what sets us all free.

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

Character Matters will not be live Christmas or New Year’s Day


15 thoughts on “Peace Joy and Love to All

  1. Thank you! I so very much appreciate your writing and sharing of thoughts! Finally, there are answers and solutions! Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your loved ones.

  2. “Real peace is peace of mind, heart and soul. ” Dr. Simon, you are always on target.

    Through this now two-year and still continual tumultuous divorce proceedings, and having moved out of the marital home for two years now, I have found some PEACE not living under the same roof and dealing with daily interactions with the CDN husband. I still do not have full peace, though, because the jackass is still in my life dealing with divorce issues. When you can’t have peace in your own home environment, how can you be happy and healthy? The answer is you can’t be. CDNs are life destroyers. Through my personal experience it’s healthier and wiser to walk away from them than have a life long project of “hoping” they change. They get worse. And for those of you who believe it’s impossible to walk away, I walked away from a disbarred CDN attorney. I don’t know what scenario could be worse. It can be done. Although, what I do have going for me is a good paying job.
    My HEART is healed. It can still love, and it does, but it gives love to the persons deserving of it. NO more wasted time, energy and love for a manipulative toxic person.
    My SOUL, I have a kind, healthy soul, and I know this for sure. For all the poison the jackass threw on my through the 30+ years of marriage, the man did not take my soul. I know who I am. With all the gaslighting and manipulation that took place, somehow I’ve always been sure of myself of who I am. I wasn’t sure of who he was, but never questioned who I am.
    The jackass is still trying his best to destroy me through court, but he won’t break me. I’ve got my support group here, Dr. Simon’s articles to help guide me and help me understand what has been happening, I’ve got wonderful friends and a kind, supportive boyfriend.
    Some day I hope to have peace of mind, heart and soul, all at the same time. What a wonderful feeling that would be.

  3. Wow! This really feels like a breath of fresh air finding a site like this one. I feel so rejuvenated and light, I can jump up and down with joy now.

    I would like to thank God almighty for steering me onto a site like this one.

  4. Especially for me since I’m from South Africa, and growing up within a black community where things like going to psychologists are very rare. I’ve been to numerous CD sites in my last 7 yrs of trying to heal myself from the pain of being involved with a character disorderd person – with whom I’ve shared about 7 yrs of my life.

    And a happy , healthy and a very intelligent 9 year old daughter.
    Though it is painful to watch my child
    Now being used as a tool to get to me and bring me unbearable pain, but I still remain hopeful that the God who got me out of that ugly situation will surely take care of here also, and I always pray for her in that regard cos clearly on my own there is nothing I can do – so I decide to leave it all in God’s hands.

    As for me I will keep on reading and empowering myself on sites like these, and I must say that in all the sites that I’ve been to this one is a God send – Dr Simon is truly a God send to me – not taking anything away from all the sites that I’ve been to cos they helped and pave the way for me to find myself on this one. And now I think I’m at home here and I’m not going anywhere. I’m sataying put! And will keep learning and healing.

    Thanks a lot Dr Simon for the information u put up in this site and thank u everyone who contributes and share their stories here.

    God bless

    1. Victory57,

      Welcome to Dr. Simon’s Blog, I am glad you found your way here. If I may suggest you may want to obtain Dr. Simon’s books, They can be purchased through Amazon. Dr. Simon also has a radio show, several You Tubes and has appeared on numerous talk shows. Dr. Simon also writes for

      I found this to be the best website as it provides concrete information and a well rounded approach including how victims can take back their lives and heal through character building. You will find a great group of posters who will support you and share their personal stories.

      I too, gave everything to God and it was very cathartic to do so. The forgiveness was more for me, a release of ties to the CD. There is nothing I can do to them except keep firm boundaries, they will bring on their own destruction in one way or another. This is what worked for me, I also went strictly NO CONTACT. I have nothing to do with the CD in my life, I find them to toxic and childish to deal with. What may work for one may not for another. Take what you can use and leave the rest.

      The archives go back years and I would encourage you to read read through it when you have time. There is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, sadness and many tragedies contained there. You will find validation, answers and support here. I am glad you intend to stay.


      1. BTOV / Lucy

        Thank u so much guys for taking time to answer and welcome me. I realy appreceate. Yes I am reading everything I can get my eyes on from this website, and I can’t get enough cos everything is so meaningful from the article’s from Dr Simon to the comments from fellow bloggers.

        It is just too much and very helpful and healing. Thank u so much guys. guys. Dr Simon you won’t know the magnitude of the work that you doing to help the emotionaly wounded souls like us.

        May God bless and keep you for the longest time.

        Thanks again guys it feels so good to be in such warm company of good friends.

        1. Victory 57
          We will help you through hard times just as I’m sure you will be of support to us. We all have experiences and have suffered through some hard times. It’s always good to hear what helps a persona age a difficult life. I’ve taken a lot of advice that has helpedenget through some terrible years, and still struggling through but now I have knowledge and wisdom to
          Guide me through to come out of this dark tunnel healthy and happy

          1. … Helps a person get through a difficult life … I wish we had the ability to go back and edit our comments

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          3. Lucy
            Thank u very much for ur kind words Lucy.
            You know , as painful and hurtful it is to go through such psycological abuse – it somehow feels me with so much relief now that I have aquired so much knowledge and awareness about so many things and about me as a person.

            The wisdom and knowledge that you are talking about, I understand exactly what u mean by that. I guess its true that suffering build character. The only thing that makes me sad now is the reaction I sometimes get when I try to warn some people about being aware of such characters among us. U knw sometimes I get the feeling that some of them think that I’m a little banana’s up here Lol…

            A lot of people absolutely got no clue at all about the mayhem that a character disturbed individual can cause in one’s life.
            It is very said indeed.

            I really don’t understand that why does one have to go through such baptism of fire in order to really understand and be aware of such characters. But again- in a way I feel I do see why it is like this, cos I believe that this is a spiritual warefare playing itself right before our eyes. As much as it is a very mental sickness. It has the hallmarks of a very evil spirit seeking out to destroy as many good hearted and well meaning individuals.

            Again I have observe thatmost of the CD individuals were good people who were destroyed themselves by this spirit of pride and unforgiveness that’s why they can be very witty at times, it is this spirit that is now in charge and its very demonic.
            Its so demonic that even psychologist get to be easily dribbled by this.

            Aish! This is so sad.

    2. Victory57
      Welcome. This is a helpful site with articles from Dr Simon that gives us guidance in how to work on our character and he gives is a wealth of information into the psyche of the CD.
      I’ve gotten much needed support here from others who have dealt with CDs. It’s an awful situation to be in living with or being involved with. CD.
      I look forward to your comments.

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