Pathological Lying in the Narcissistic Age

Pathological Lying

Pathological lying is a particular kind of lying. Many would argue that lying is simply part of being human. We all do it at one time or another. Sometimes our lies are relatively benign and inconsequential. (That’s the character of “little white lies”.) But lying can be really problematic at times. And it can cause much unnecessary pain and suffering.  It can decimate relationships. Moreover, some disturbed characters among lie habitually. And they seem to lie no apparent rational reason. They lie about little things. And they lie even when the truth would appear to serve better. We’ve often called such liars “pathological” liars.

Pathological lying seems to make no sense. It’s hard to understand why someone would lie when the truth would suffice. And it’s especially hard to understand why someone would lie when the truth might well serve them better.

Pathological liars aren’t crazy. There’s actually method to their apparent madness. They may drive you crazy with their antics. But once you understand why they do what they do you can restore your sanity.

The Method to the Madness

Pathological liars have a singular purpose. They lie to keep a position of advantage. That’s right. As I assert in Character Disturbance, it’s always about position, position, position for some disturbed characters. Such folks view life as a game or contest. And they don’t want  a level playing field. Whenever they engage, they want the advantage. Lying helps them keep the advantage. It’s hard to pin them down. And when you can’t pin them down, you can’t know what’s really going on. You don’t know what might really be up to. You cant tell how they really feel, or what they really want. And you can’t know who they really are. That automatically puts you in a one-down position. And that’s just the way they like it.

Pathological lying has its payoffs. But it can take its toll, too. Sometimes the truth simply has to out. But pathological liars persist to the very end. They don’t concede the truth until their wall of lies is forced to come crashing down. Sometimes, the evidence simply piles up against them. That’s when cracks in the wall develop. However, quite often the wall of lies doesn’t tumble until a lot of damage has already occurred.

Death of the Truth and Erosion of Trust in our Narcissistic Age

In our narcissistic culture, the truth, and regard for it has taken a real beating. Truth has no value when life is all about getting what you want or manipulating people’s impressions. And Lying is the penultimate manipulation tactic. As I mention in In Sheep’s Clothing, it’s also the main way folks resist acceding to moral principles. For years, we’ve been in an age of deceit. And many have truly been at war with the truth.

Disregard for the truth has infected almost every aspect of culture. There’s deception in our advertising, our teaching, our politics, even our news. Sadly, deception has even infiltrated science, once the bastion of relentless, unbiased truth pursuit. The goal is no longer discovering and living by the truth. The goal is now winning, advancing an agenda, swaying opinions, securing power, etc., by any means necessary. And that means constantly, fudging, distorting, twisting, and “spinning.” In such a culture, there’s simply no room for the truth.

Lying, especially pathological lying, takes its deepest toll on relationships. The foundation of any healthy, intimate relationship is trust. Where there’s no trust, there can’t be intimacy. It’s simply too dangerous. As I point out in How Did We End Up Here?, breaches of trust have destroyed more relationships than I care to count.

Restoring Some Sanity

Sanity will be restored to our culture when reverence for the truth returns. Truth is, perhaps, the most precious “higher power” that can govern our lives. But as you may already know, narcissists neither recognize nor revere any higher power.

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44 thoughts on “Pathological Lying in the Narcissistic Age

    1. Anonymous,
      The better question to ask yourself might just be….why argue with the liar? I was doing that with someone I love for the past 6-7 yrs. All of a sudden this family member turned on all of us. After reading and re-reading not only Dr. Simon’s work but also others on the subject of Narc’s, lying and character disturbance I completely agree on this one main truth. It doesn’t matter WHY it only matters that they did it. Whatever IT is.
      If that’s what you’ve come to believe then arguing with a liar NO MATTER what their reasoning may be is futile. Therefore, to restore YOUR sanity or maintain it you must remember this one thing arguing with them will only further YOUR pain not theirs.
      Free yourself to live the best life you can live regardless of what the liar may say, or do. I am choosing to enjoy my life and I’m SURROUNDED by liars. I choose to live in the moment and I no longer concern myself with what anyone else is doing or why they are doing it. I’ve been happy and dare to say downright joyful!!!
      I hope you can too!

    2. “Why would I lie?” is second last statement of the play. So…

      Anonymous: You lied because it suited your purpose that time, just like denying about lying is suiting your purpose right now. Go away. No point talking to you.

      [Curtains fall] You too go away to do something that is under your power, instead of waiting for liar to confess, or worse trying to make liar see his/her wrong way.

      1. Anonymous, Andy,

        To argue, question, interact with a liar only feeds the liar. It is best to always leave with your integrity intact, this empowers you..

    3. Haha, they may not lie. He will tell you just not the whole truth, or truth that was at that time. Haha, as to me he said after 4 months only of friendship he has a daughter in a very unsentimental way. Was it a lie? No! :). Reasons of leaving a toxic person are not needed, just leave it,but they should be for choosing him.

    4. To ALL,

      I just listened to Dr. Simons Pilot episode Part 1 of Character Matters which complements all the information presented on this blog .
      I would encourage all of you to listen along with reading the blog. Dr. Simons radio pogrom is full of information, Dr. Simon answers so many troubling questions and offers solutions. I can’t recommend this radio progam enough.

      I have provided a link for Dr. Simons program below.

  1. I’d never engage further with a liar. I’m thinking more along the lines of a physical response such as,

    “WHY would I lie?”

    I’d do a wink,wink and tap my nose back at them! (Canadian response to I know where you’re coming from)

    1. D,

      I have felt at times I would like to slide my finger and hold my nose up at the CDN. I only think this action in my mind because if in reality I do it I lower myself to the CDN’s level and at the same time give then narcissistic supply. I feel it is best not to engage in antics ever with the CDN. We only antagonize when we posture negative gestures. You have to understand the CDN gets an adrenaline rush when they fabricate lies, its a game to them and its fun, their heads swells and the CDN experiences the ultimate “Power Over Another.”

      Never give the CDN fuel to Lord Over Others. Starve the CDN and stand strong in what is right and the Truth…

      We can take charge of our lives when we deal in truthful facts. There are times and situations when it is imperative we stand up to the CDN and call them out on their lies. Holding the CDN accountable is to let them face the consequences of their actions. This means no and, ifs, or buts, or will be acceptable. This is not an easy task and one must remain steadfast.

      1. BTOV,
        I totally agree. Doing things back to a liar/character disturbed individual only creates an argumentative reaction. The only way to really feel free is to watch, listen and walk away. Even if you’re still sitting there!!!
        I don’t know about you all on this blog, but I’m surrounded by so many folks with CD or Narc. It’s not always feasible to walk away. I am in my mind though.
        I actually go to happier places in my thoughts even if I am still present with some of these folks. It’s sad to see society living this way, but I no longer see it as my problem to have to deal with!!!

        1. Priscilla,

          I am surrounded by CDN and they are some real pieces of work. They are always plotting to take me or my Mother down. The scary part is the CD can’t stand one another but will stick together for the common goal of destroying another. The best thing I did was go NC with them.

          I feel for you having to be in the loop with CD individuals. They can sure pull you down and the one thing more than anything, the CD can’t stand to see you have peace, joy and happiness. The CD are a greedy, conniving, lying, manipulative, envious and I could go on, evil lot.

          I welcome you to continue to post on the blog, where you will find support and validation.

          1. BTOV,
            Thanks I have been on here but had to go incognito as someone in my life tried to connect here to mind my business!!! I can’t let anyone like that know I’m here to try and find supportive people in my life.
            Yes, NC is exactly what I’ve had to do with soooo many in my life. But in some cases I cannot disconnect from all. No pathology there on my part. It’s that I choose not to. I might add I’m doing very well at it with these few people!

          2. Priscilla,

            I understand and realize you are in a delicate and possible volatile situation. I am glad you are taking every precaution to be safe and know you are always welcome, just remind me of your post.

            I am sure you are clearing your history and by all means be safe. I am sure you have found while reading the blog many others who are in the same situation and what they did in order to survive.

            When you have to live surrounded by the CD it can make one question their own sanity. Just having to decipher the continuous lies they spin for no reason at all. I am glad I cut almost all ties to the CD in my family. No matter, they are always finding ways to create chaos and try to bring me into the loop.

            The CD are master at lies, the worst lying involves telling 99% of the truth and leaving out the 1% that would change the whole outcome. Lying by omission is part of the CD everyday routine and when you aren’t savvy to what the CD individual is doing, it can send you reeling. Even though you catch the CD lying by omission the CD claims they don’t lie and feel entitled to use this method of lying. Lying by omission is part of CD makeup, it is highly destructive and poisonous to any relationship.

            Even when you catch the CD in this underhanded tactic of lying the CD will fault you for questioning them and then, will turn on you. Its like beating ones head against a wall. Sometimes we are safer in the dysfunctional relationship and I understand that.

            Hugs Priscilla and Be Safe

  2. “why would I lie”

    1. The lie does matter … to them.
    2. Telling the truth feels like giving up control.
    3. They don’t want to disappoint you.
    4. Lies snowball.
    5. It’s not a lie to them.


    1. Joey,

      Lies are fun.
      Lies are who they are.
      To a Narcissist the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth.
      The Mask is the Narcissists Truth.

      John 8: 44, 45
      You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me!…

      Character Disordered Narcissists always leave a slew of victims in their wake. I have never met a narcissist whose goal isn’t to control, victimize and ultimately destroy. The CDN slither on their bellies like the Snakes they are.

      All narcissists are Evil…………………….

      1. BTOV,
        I admit this was what I was afraid of…those who slander me and say things about me that aren’t true. Liars hate those that they hurt. Prov 26:28

        A better scripture for me is now Matt 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

        I dwell on this verse now and the fear flees!!!! I am no longer reacting to being slandered. I actually smile inside when I hear someone trying to hurt me. I pray for them and I no longer want revenge. I was often burning up inside with revenge. That does no good whatsoever. I pray everyone who reads this comes to this point in life because it is a GREAT place to be!

      2. The best way to show that a stick is crooked is NOT to argue about it, or spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside of it!

  3. BTOV

    Just for YOU

    “It seems that all my Bridges Have been Burned,”
    “But You say That’s how this grace thing works,”
    “It’s not the long Walk Home, That will change this Heart,”
    “But the welcome I receive,”
    “With the re-start.”

    Mumford and sons

    Roll away your stone

    1. Joey,

      I needed these words today, Thank you.

      This is for you.

      Light Shining out of Darkness

      God moves in a mysterious way,
      His wonders to perform;
      He plants his footsteps in the sea,
      And rides upon the storm.

      Deep in unfathomable mines
      Of never-failing skill,
      He treasures up his bright designs,
      And works his sov’reign will.

      Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,
      The clouds ye so much dread
      Are big with mercy, and shall break
      In blessings on your head.

      William Cowper (1731 – 1800)

  4. In watching the events of the last week and the ruthless, conniving tactics for position with almost complete and complete disregard to the cost was sickening to witness.

    I now fully realize this is something I have dealt with all of my life. It was normal to me to feel the fear, dread, uncertainty and accompanying anxiety feeling nothing I did helped to stop the chaos, the oppression – to be heard, respected, considered.

    More people are waking up to the reality of what these folks are capable of. Now as I witness the reactions of people to this chaos, oppression and victim blaming, I am able to have so much more compassion for myself. I survived a living hell and made it out without becoming like them. It has taken a huge toll on me but I have taken my freedom.

    “Disregard for the truth has infected almost every aspect of culture. There’s deception in our advertising, our teaching, our politics, even our news. Sadly, deception has even infiltrated science, once the bastion of relentless, unbiased truth pursuit. The goal is no longer discovering and living by the truth. The goal is now winning, advancing an agenda, swaying opinions, securing power, etc., by any means necessary. And that means constantly, fudging, distorting, twisting, and “spinning.” In such a culture, there’s simply no room for the truth.”

    It’s been terrifying to see how pervasive this is. My experience with cancer treatment made it clear that I could not trust the doctors. The treatments they were pushing (using coercive tactics) turned out to be (based on numerous scientific studies) more destructive than the cancer and offered no statistical benefit. The treatments they offered actually caused more cancers and enriched any remaining cancer stem cells as well as created more long-term damage to other organs, especially the heart. They ordered multiple tests and procedures that were not medically necessary, were painful and invasive, and were clearly profit oriented. It took every ounce of energy and resolve to protect myself. I have learned to fight and to fight hard if that’s what it takes. The response to my actively advocating for myself and resisting their control was interesting and informative. My female surgeon clearly respected it. A male radiologist responded with nervousness and uncertainty. A female radiologist who wanted more films just so she could bill for them responded to my refusal by punishing me – withholding her opinion. A male oncologist responded by using a variety of tactics, including, surprisingly seduction. They all used fear to coerce and denial and minimization of the toxic side effects.

    If I had allowed them, they would have scared me into making poor decisions based on misinformation. When they benefit financially, it’s a conflict of interest. Medicine has become a business like everything else and cancer treatment is highly profitable. And it is well known now among the medical community that they are over treating patients. Well, it wasn’t as profitable for them this time! 🙂

    If you have not been told this, please know that sugar (glucose) feeds cancer. I had no idea before I started researching.

    There are good people out there. We need to be very discerning though of who we allow into our lives and where we get our information from

    This week stirred up a lot of emotions in me, thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

    1. Healing,

      Thank you for sharing your story and I am sorry you have had to endure so much. I can only imagine your pain and suffering. I agree, this week has been a rough one, for me too. So many memories brought to the forefront. I have this sickness in the pit of my stomach and I can barely eat.

      Yes, you are right about the glucose.

      Hugs and Many Blessings

      1. BTOV,

        Thank you. Sorry it’s been a rough one for you too. I’ve heard that from so many people…the sickness in the pit of the stomach. Such chaos and destruction and they don’t care how we feel or what we think. Hope your feeling better.

        Hugs to you too

    2. Healing,

      I too was appauled by what I saw this week with the judiciary commission hearing. So state it all so eloquently.

      I’m sorry to hear of your health issues and to make it doubly difficult the health care industry’s attack on you.
      Your story is an awakening for me, never (knowingly) having dealt with health care that had profit before healing in mind. I certainly will be aware now that you’ve shared your story.
      And to fight the industry, doctors, while trying to save yourself, while not being in top health to keep up the fight, I’d say you are a strong woman with perseverance. We should be able to trust that our doctors do what is in OUR best interests, but what I’ve heard from you is there are plenty who have their own self-serving interests at heart, while treating the patient. And if you’ve got good health insurance I’m sure this scenario comes into play strong.
      There are people waiting to take advantage of us in every industry. We’ve got to always look for red flags.

      1. Lucy,

        Thanks for pointing out , so right we need to watch out for the red flags in the health industry and for that matter all industries. This age of Narcissism is rampant today, not just in our individual relationships but in all matters. Fortunately, for the time being I am blessed with excellent docs who are true healers, not just physicians. I am afraid once they are gone, then what will I do..

        I have to say I am proactive and research on my own. I am into herbal remedies and eating nutritionally, though I have a weakness for chocolate and some munchies. Its just a matter of self control and then I am OK.

        I think for many of us who have dealt with the CDN and have taken a hit on our health, its of utter importance we get proper sleep and nutrition, its about taking care of us.

      2. Lucy,

        The lengths they will go to to silence the truth….

        Thank you. I’m happy that my sharing helped to bring awareness to you.
        I appreciate your support and kind words. Learning how to use that strength and perseverance for my benefit. I was kind but very firm and kept asserting myself. The surgeon was chucking when she came to get me and said “I heard you gave the radiologist a run for his money.” Turns out I can be pretty scrappy! 🙂

        We should be able to trust our doctors to do what’s in our best interest but we can’t. It’s all about profits now. They gain financially from writing certain prescriptions, for example. And, like you said, if you have good insurance, it’s even worse. I’ve noticed it with natural health practitioners too.

        As you said, we need to pay attention to the red flags. Thankfully we now know what to look for and have better tools to respond effectively.

        Hope you’re all settled into your new home and loving it!

        1. Oh, I forgot to add…

          You know how I mentioned that sugar feeds cancer. Most doctors don’t tell cancer patients this!! None of mine did. Oncologists actually have bowls of candy, cookies, and pop in their offices and clinics for chemo and oncology patients and encourage them to consume it in their office and at home, as much as they want for calories!!
          They are putting poison in them to “kill the cancer”, that actually causes secondary cancer and destroys the immune system (which is what would actually fight the cancer) and then they encourage them to eat the very thing that the cancer THRIVES on!!!

          I personally think it’s horrific malpractice.

          Same thing with radiation. The Gamma rays in radiation create free radicals which attack the DNA which creates mutations in the DNA and causes cellular damage….when there’s damage it gives cancer the advantage.

          Most people don’t die from the cancer, they die from the side effects of the treatment.

          Most doctors know all of this but they do not have anything else they are legally aloud to offer!

          I personally think 3 times before considering getting any x-rays. CT scans expose us to tons of radiation. No more mammograms. Ultra sounds and MRI’s are much safer.

          If a friend hadn’t mentioned The Truth About Cancer right when I had my diagnosis, I may have fallen into the trap. I don’t agree with everything they say, but the facts they say about the industry and ineffectiveness and toxicity of the treatment lines up with the objective scientific studies I read.

          1. Healing,

            I’ll keep that in mind from now on.

            Do you follow Dr. Andrew Weil? I’d trust his info.
            I’m wearing a pair of shoes that has his recommendation, for plantar fasciitis. And they are helping.

    3. To the commenter who spoke about medical trust, YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! Eloquently written! Obviously your bout with cancer was an eye opener intended to pave a way for change. If you can help just one person to voice their needs, wants and desires effectively, it’s worth it. To be silenced by fear, coercion & fake or false information, is paralyzing to ones soul. It takes a chunk of life you can never recover.
      When my leg was amputated due to a physicians error, I became my own advocate with a voice like none other. If I pose a question I expect an answer & if it do want sit right with me, I will check facts and get back with. Don’t rush me, don’t push me, I no longer operate like that. This is my body, my life & you are not god. Making informed decisions is human right.
      Thank you again for allowing me to read what I’ve always wanted to say.

      1. Wow, I messed up…Correction on my orig comment above!
        If I pose a question I expect a honest answer, not some ring-around-the-rosy bull*hit. If your answer doesn’t sit well with me for whatever reason I’ll be doing some research until I’m confident & comfortable we’re headed in the right direction.

      2. Ruth,

        I am sorry to hear about the tragedy you had to suffer. I can’t imagine what it must be like. Thank you for sharing. Healing wrote the post you are referring to. I agree the post is beautifully written and appreciate Healing sharing her story.


      3. Ruth,

        I just saw your post. I’m so glad it resonated with you. Thank you for the compliment. I agree, if we can help one person voice their needs, wants and desires effectively it’s worth it. Their tactics are terrifying and paralyzing.

        I’m sorry about your experience and so happy that you too found and are using your voice! Yes, it is our body, our life, and we have the right and responsibility to protect it. To protect our interests. Withholding and gaslighting are a big part of the medical tactics these days (especially in cancer care). I looked up the Patient Bill of Rights and keep it in mind whenever I need to deal with them. I also get/put as much as I can in writing, or record the visits. They don’t want you to be informed, to think critically because it makes you objective and it disempowers them.

        You’re so very welcome! It means a lot to me that it helped you. I used to be “the quiet one” trained to be submissive. I’ve discovered my voice and I’m honoring it and I don’t care what they think about it!

    4. Wow,
      I hope your ok and I hope things are better.
      It is crazy that we may not be able to trust if we have no choice.

      1. Tony,

        Thank you. I’m truly healing. 🙂

        Things are better, but I still have to fight the doctors/medical system constantly and I do most of the research and treatment myself. They use all of the CD tactics, so I need to be on my guard all the time with them. I finally filed a complaint with the hospital. I was concerned that I would be punished for it, and sure enough, the one doctor who was running more functional medicine type tests for me, is now distancing herself. Making excuses why she can’t run tests. Every one of them keeps trying to push me into treatments I do not want or need. It is all about the money and/or being right for them.

        It is crazy that we may not be able to trust if we have no choice. I think long and hard before I go to see any physician. Twice I’ve chosen not to go to the ER because of fear of what they’d do. Once they have you, they are VERY aggressive. I’m actively looking for an advocate so I can have someone there to fight for me if I’m ever too ill to do it for myself.

        It’s terrifying reality.

        1. Healing,

          Many Doctors I know are retiring as they are not allowed to practice medicine according to their knowledge and skills, they are being dictated to by big pharma and the insurance companies. I wholeheartedly agree with having someone to advocate for you, its like you need to have a witness.

          My mother is a retired nurse (85) and she won’t go near a doctor or hospital for that exact reasons you cite. I have Dr.’s who if pushed to far and they are in private practice will retire rather than be dictated to and become basically whores for big pharma and the insurance co.

          Yes, you sure are right.

          God bless and stay proactive in your own care, as one day we may have to live under a bridge for noncompliance and eat medicinal plants.

          Hugs and glad to hear from you….

  5. Off Topic

    Healthy Diets.

    Book : The Fast Diet By DR Michael Mosely & Mimi Spencer the 5 : 2 Diet.

    I am Following this plan. I will do so for the rest of my natural life. Eating to much Sugar is not good for you. I am Insulin Resistant. I have To much Glucose in my body. To remedy this I eat What I like 5 days a week and eat between 300 and 600 calories 2 days a week.( I do not eat Processed Products, White Rice, Pasta, White Bread, Ketchup and potatoes, cakes, sweets and candy and Milk)
    I still eat Fresh fruit, your body needs Vitamin C to function. Whole Fruit NO JUICES.

    I have a choice, Starve my self 2 days a week, or Die. I will go with out. It is very simple really. I eat to much. So if I do not eat enough, my body has to use what reserves that I have. I am using up the sugar I have stored. Avoid No sugar drinks so called ZERO DRINKS. Your body has no means of processing these products. Black Tea, Black Coffee, Water with lemon Juice, Nice. I Will say for the first 2 weeks You WILL FEEL LIKE SHIT. BUT! THEN THE ENERGY BOOST KICKS IN. I Find myself RUNNING UP HILLS, About 1/2 mile To the top. Stop rest, Then run back Down. and all I have eaten that day is about 250 calories, One can of Vegetable soup and to drink of water.


    1. Joey,

      I’m glad you found out what works for you. You made me laugh though . . .and I know what you mean, when you eat too little or wrong, you feel awful. Actually, I do feel much better when I eat right, less, rather than consuming garbage all day long.

    2. Joey,

      That plan sounds like it’s working well for you! It’s great you caught it early and are being proactive. The 600 calorie days sound brutal. I’d be afraid of keeling over. I get the shakes when I don’t eat enough(hypoglycemia). I also have insulin resistance…or at least I did. Will see where I am on the next blood work. From what I’ve read and heard, you can heal your body’s ability to utilize glucose properly. I also do intermittent fasting but I do it a bit differently. I stop eating early in the late afternoon/early evening and then don’t eat again for 14-18 hours. This lets the body use up the extra sugar during the evening/night and lets the organs/cells rest. I also do a green drink for breakfast and this adds a bit of time to the resting for the organs as it doesn’t require the body to do much work. Like you, I don’t eat processed food and I do not eat sugar(or any sweeteners), just fruit and only after a meal, never by itself. I switched to vegan after the cancer diagnosis…I really miss cheese! Been craving pizza for months!

  6. The thing I will add about 5 :2 Diet is THAT IS DOES NOT FEEL ANYTHING LIKE A DIET. IF I WANT TO EAT HAM AND EGGS, I EAT THEM. If I WANT TO EAT POT ROAST I EAT IT. Just watch out for food high on the glycemic index (GI) and eat wisely. On fast days Just Go with out. Because In 24 hrs time YOU CAN EAT THAT BOX OF CHICKEN NUGGETS WITH MAYO, YES THE WHOLE BOX IF YOU WANT TO.

    1. Joey,

      I have heard positive things about this diet. Good for you in taking a proactive stance in becoming healthy. I am dieting right now and its not easy to shed those excess pounds. Many times we eat to sooth and it can be difficult not to give in. I think I may try this diet, the fasting does produce positive results if practiced properly.

      Have You tried any of the cleanses? I know when I fast and do some of these cleanses I feel better. Here’s to your health and success in shedding those extra pounds. Its kind of like shedding the CD in our lives and going NC. We stick to our guns and say NO to all the foods that are bad for us, as we know the negative consequences it has on our well being if we don’t follow through.

      Taking back our lives and becoming healthy is the best payback we can indirectly say to the CD. It shows the CD they haven’t anymore control in our lives, We are the Captains of our Lives.

      Thanks for Sharing

      Taking back our lives and being healthy is the part of the healing process. Joey, when you see the results of your discipline it will be a feather in your cap, just like what you accomplished with your job. I know I look back and wonder why I waited so long. But then, had I not had the experiences and traumas in my life I would not be who I am today. I would not have the people I have in my life.

  7. Lucy,
    I read you are having plantar faciitis . I have this problem too as a result of damage to my achilles tendons. Are you stretching your feet each day? 5 stretches for 30 seconds each 2 times a day will help you with that.
    Orthotics are also highly recommended. Hope everyone has a day filled with love, peace and wellness!!!

    1. Priscilla
      yes I am and thanks for the advice. When I do stretch regularly it is helpful, however, I seem to be slacking. The new pair of shoes I just purchased are helping tremendously.
      I’ve discovered some new orthodontics inserts. I’m going to give a try. I think my old ones don’t fit so well anymore.

  8. Lucy,

    Yes, I trust Dr. Weil for the most part. He strikes me as mindful and conservative. They do have to walk a line as to what they can say and I keep that in mind. Big pharma/medical equipment suppliers spend lots of money promoting their agenda and aggressively go after doctors that speak out against them. I also look at as many studies as I can find (and look at who’s funding them) because doctors can’t possibly keep up with everything.

    My new attitude is buyer beware and follow the money.

  9. I have gone more than 36 hrs without eating. I have only on these days eaten only 250-300 calories in that time scale of 36 hrs. I have now stopped this, I now work on 24 hr cycle. I still eat very little. Only 200-300 calories in 24 hrs on my fast days.
    The point with having to much sugar in your body is that there is NO PART OF YOU that will not suffer as a result. It acts like a slow poison

  10. I am disgusted with the judiciary committee and what is taking place right now. It’s a sad day for Americans, especially women, women who have been victims of crime.
    Having been on this site now for years and reading the articles and books of Dr. Simon, learning the tools of the CDN, the liars, the tactics, we watched it take place live of t.v. with the hearing of Brett Kavanagh and daily with Trump spewing out untruths. These are top positions in our country.
    For me, this is a very sad day. I see Kavanagh being affirmed tomorrow.
    I am feeling hopeless that our country will ever be a country filled with honorable politicians, rule makers.
    To call out an assault victim at a rally, calling her a liar and having a huge crowd, laugh, smile, cheer, makes me sick. Our fellow countrymen are jerks, cold-hearted, soulless jerks.

    1. I agree, Lucy.

      Misogynistic male white privilege going unchecked…actually being rewarded. Dehumanizing, mocking, vilifying, and victimizing the victim.
      It’s sickening and it pisses me off.

      We have power. Protest. March. Vote. Make our voices heard.

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