My Apologies and Many Thanks

As many of you readers already know, this blog site was the victim of a hacking that began last week and was only recently resolved.  Many new safeguards have been put into place to prevent a similar episode.  The bad news is that you all had to endure the inconvenience and the possible threats to your computer (which would have most likely been an onslaught of unwanted advertisements), but the good news to me is that I became aware of just how many folks around the world value this resource.  Within days of the attack, I received emails from dozens of readers in more than 10 countries, alerting me to the problem.  This made me ever more aware of the importance of my work.  But also made me acutely aware that not everyone out there appreciates what it is I’m trying to do and say.   And someone was adverse enough to want to do damage to this blog, almost immediately after compromising my email accounts as well and using them to spread viruses.  The whole experience has made me more mindful, but has also stiffened my resolve.

So, my heartfelt apologies to all of you who were inconvenienced and to any of you who were harmed in any way.  Please know that the safeguards now put into place are the best the industry has to offer at this time.  And  more than anything I want to convey my deepest appreciation for your support.  It’s the principal reason I persist in my work.


George Simon

4 thoughts on “My Apologies and Many Thanks

  1. Yikes!
    So sorry that this happened to you.
    For those of us who have posted, were our emails exposed? I don’t really care that some hacker has my email identity and associates me with this site (I am delighted/proud to be “in the know” about character disturbance) I guess I am curious if my email is out there for some hacker to use/spam/sell etc.

    Ironic that a character disturbed individual (or group) would do this. So glad it stiffened your resolve. Please keep up the great work Dr. Simon. I so look forward to Wed/Thurs for a post from you!

    1. I’m glad you asked your question, Joan. I’ll be amending my article for that very reason. Fortunately, no one else posting should have their email accounts compromised or have any data undesirably exposed. The what could have happened to folks accessing the site is an unintentional following of a link that would have then triggered a chain of unwanted email ads. When the techs cleaned the site, they did not find evidence that occurred, however.

  2. Different Joan here, similar message. I was one of the readers who ignored the warning and clicked through to be able post the copy/paste of the warning that said not to go to your site. Sorry if I posted that in an inappropriate place, but figured it would get your attention more quickly in ‘Reply’ mode.
    This is the kind of attack that is more likely to make me step forward than back. Disturbed characters can be very short-sighted in their malice.

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