Manipulation and Gaslighting Early Research

Manipulation and Gaslighting

Manipulation and gaslighting are fairly well understood phenomena these days. But that wasn’t always the case. My early research on the subject was groundbreaking. And it truly opened my eyes, also. I began to see what lay at the root of so many troubles in relationships. It also led me to a deeper understand of the nature and scope of character disturbances. And that helped me empower individuals who had sought help before, only to become discouraged and depressed.

My research and the folks I worked with inspired me to write In Sheep’s Clothing. It was the first book to describe covert personalities, the manipulation tactics they use, and the “crazy-making” effect we later came to call gaslighting. Because it struck such a chord, folks began snapping it up quickly and telling friends about it. So, it quickly became an international bestseller. I also began doing training workshops. At first, professionals attending these workshops were skeptical, even resistant. Old notions die hard! But in time things changed, and eventually, quite dramatically. So, I wrote Character Disturbance, to address the whole problem of character dysfunction in its many manifestations as well as its disastrous impact on our relationships and overall societal well being.

Building a Better World

The world is an increasingly unsafe place because of all the character dysfunction in it. But some who recognize this are committed to making things better. They look forward to the day when relationships can be wholesome again. And they’re working to make cultural climates conducive to good character. My main contribution, of course, is my latest literary offering, Essentials for the Journey. And I pray folks will not only avail themselve of it but also will recommend it.

I’m more than pleased to join with a group who shares the vision of a less character-impaired world. Realizing the inherent positive creativity of a psychologically healthy society, they call their international effort the Creative Society Project.  And I’m priviledged to be featured in one of their many online conferences (translated into over 100 languages). A conference specifically designed for an American audience airs September 24. And it features many creative minds trying to carve a better path forward.

You can view the interview I gave on manipulation and gasligting by clicking on the following link to my YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “Manipulation and Gaslighting Early Research

  1. The broken manipulators are not understood well enough to have HR spot the damage these individuals create in any workplace! The recent strong woman” mantra gives the female manipulators a smokescreen in the modern workplace as well. In the 25 years I have worked at a university, I have never been more than 20 feet from 1, 2 or more of them. Both grandiose and covert. My success at work has always made me a special target for them. To work daily in an insane clown arena builds character, but only after crossing the burning sands of coming to terms with what is really happening…for me that took 16 years, and my soul was almost destroyed. Thank you for your work on this! I predict this sunlight on the dark broken cockroaches of the human condition will become more and more public…

    1. Great insights and well written, Green Man. They are toxic in a workplace, and one of their skills is manipulating the ones in charge so they seldom get called out on their deeds. I worked with one who was a serial abuser-she would target one person after another and get her honeybees to come around and share in the stinging. Those who were successful and decent people were her special targets. It finally caught up with her, but she left a trail of damaged souls. Knowing what is going on is essential, but it still makes the situation nearly intolerable. I wish you well in your clown arena, and may the manipulators finally get what they deserve.

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