Letting the Light Within Us Shine

The Light Within Us All

In dark times, it’s well worth reflecting on the light within us. Just what is this light I’m talking about? It’s the radiant energy that animates us all. It grants us life and breath. It’s inherently creative and infinitely loving. As such, it’s inherently healing, too. It’s the very core of us. And it resides in the deepest recesses of our heart (soul).

We’ve called the light within us by many names. But it’s impossible to adequately define it. Still, its reality is hard to deny. That is, of course, unless the world and it’s unhealthy ways gets to us.

Nothing has the power to snuff out the light. But painful experiences invite us all to build walls around our hearts. (See: Healthy Boundaries Versus Intimacy Barriers.) And those barriers can obscure the light. Moreover, the world and it’s broken ways can make us lose sight of it. Finding it again, some have said, is like discovering buried treasure. And it behooves us all to seek it.

Safeguarding the Light

We live in an age of more widespread character disturbance. So, the world can be an especially toxic place. We’re more prone to toxic relationships, too. To protect ourselves, we almost have to build walls around our hearts. But sometimes our hearts become hardened in the process. This makes it tough for the light to get in or out. Things can get pretty dark then. And we can become quite depressed. It’s a bit like suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We crave the luminence, but it seems to elude us.

Though we tend to lose sight of the fact, the light within us is always there. It’s ready to warm and illuminate us. And it’s equally ready to shine radiantly on others. But we have to break down the barriers to that first. And doing that can be most daunting. Still, it’s well worth the effort. For without warmth and luminosity, life itself becomes dark, even bleak.

Tearing down the barriers that block the light makes us vulnerable. It opens us up to hurt. But we simply can’t let others and their misguided ways determine whether our own radiance gleams. I know that sounds simplistic, unrealistic. But it really is that simple. It’s just not easy. Besides, letting others determine whether the light within us shines gives them far too much power. And it’s power disturbed characters among us will inevitably abuse. Reclaiming the keys to our heart is the secret. We have the power to open and to shine. We certainly don’t need to subject ourselves to toxic darkness. But we also don’t need to put our light under a bushel basket. Doing so only denies us the joy of giving and receiving love. And that gives the toxic characters among us an unholy victory.

A Time for Shining

At our core, we’re meant for love – to give and receive it. And if ever there were a time for the loving energy within us to shine, it’s now. But that takes courage and determination. And most of all, it takes faith. You have to believe that all the darkness in this world simply can’t overcome the energy that fuels life. Each of us has the power to shine and help heal this broken world. But it has to start with ourselves. Each of us has the power to be the change we want to see. And that means re-discovering and claiming our core. Only the light within us has the power to heal – both ourselves and the world. But we have to have the courage and the faith to open our wounded hearts.

A Message for the Season

I’ll be posting more inspirational messages over the coming weeks. It seems just the right time of year to do so.



22 thoughts on “Letting the Light Within Us Shine

  1. In my experience it can be a tricky balance. It took me a long time to realize that if you are around someone that is psychopathic/sadistic/envious, they will target you because of your light and try to destroy it/you.

    My father’s second wife used to destroy anything I loved. I loved the family cat, she got rid of it, my favorite clothing, gone. She also destroyed my relationship with my father. It seemed to anger her that I had joy/happiness/connection.

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but in a way I think it is a magnet for a certain subset of predator. I’ve read that studies have shown the sociopaths/psychopaths feel pleasure in seeing sad and angry faces.

    I used to be a super sunny and open spirit and after years of being targeted by several psychopaths who tried to destroy me, I lost much of it. Now that I have recognized them and what they do, I have been protecting myself better. Have been reconnecting to my light and spirit, and have learned to reveal that light more selectively.

    This is an important message, but I think one has to examine where they are in their journey and who they have in their life. If that person tries to dim your light or puts you down, keep your light and ditch them!

    1. All my life negative characters have crossed my path. Just recently have I come to understand how they take the energy of the light from a person’s soul. Avoid them if you can. If not able to avoid them, standup for yourself

  2. “But we also don’t need to put our light under a bushel basket. Doing so only denies us the joy of giving and receiving love. And that gives the toxic characters among us an unholy victory.”

    Wise words…don’t give someone that victory over you.

  3. I am responding to this entry as a Christian and as a long-time follower of your brilliant, life-saving work.

    After a lifetime being abused and manipulated by disturbed characters, I see myself as a mere survivor in this world, and even though for many decades I used to share many of the thoughts and ideals expressed in your faith-related articles, I no longer do, and in this comment I wish to explain why.

    In my attempts to make sense of the long series of turmoils I have been driven into, I found great help in your insightful unique approach to psychology and therapy. When I tried therapy, actually four times, I was literally traumatized by the therapists’ victim-blaming stance and lack of understanding of scenarios when someone as a decent human being can just be a helpless target of those who find it useful or just fun to chase others out of existence.

    It was all started in my childhood, by my own narcissistic mother who managed to separate me from the man I loved, then later on she manipulated the whole family, my father and siblings as well against me, meanwhile blaming me for the fact of speparation. Meanwhile I was let down by the society I grew up in (in an ex-communist country). I had to flee my own country in attempt to find a decent job, but as a single white woman and Christian, I was given no long-term opportunities even with 2 master’s degrees. When once in a while I found a job, I was sexually harassed by my male colleagues, then eventually they manipulated me out of my profession. After I found someone with whom I could have a loving and mutually respectful relationship, it turned out that my spouse’s siblings are also disturbed characters, and as such they launched a sort of ‘project’ to manipulate and harass my spouse until we would end up separated.

    Thanks to the knowledge I obtained from your wonderfully helpful books, I did realise that it is an eternally long, meaningless struggle to stay in contact with character-disturbed individuals. Also, due to my studies and life-experience in such regard, by now I can recognize a disturbed character from a great distance. The main traits I would mention as the most striking ones: such people don’t even have the slightest respect towards others’ personal boundaries, they always mind others’ business rather than their own, they themselves are lazy but gloat about themselves as “hard workers”, their main tactic is to blame their victims and project their own acts onto their victims, their number-one concern, that very soon surfaces, is to put themselves into the center of other peoples’ lives, and while claiming such central position, to put their hands on their victims’ finances. In my experience, financial greed is the middle name of all disturbed characters.

    Since my spouse does not seem to be interested in psychology and does not seem to assess the gravity and extent of the harm covert aggressive people, especially in one’s own family, can inflict, I feel entirely hopeless and helpless.

    It does not matter how I try to explain these topics to my spouse, for some reason, whenever I try, I end up to be the ‘bad one’ like the messenger to be shot. To understand this topic requires many years of study, or it would take a decent therapist who continues your legacy, to make my spouse see what’s happening. In lack of these, I just see no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Why am I saying all this in above context? When we look at reality rather than the lofty ideals stated in those wonderful holy books, what we find is that decent people, that is, the last specimen of them, are being sidelined, silenced and even killed, one way or another, by their character disturbed families and societies. In most of the cases, no one even notices when they disappear, moreover, the victims themselves are blamed for their own misery, even at therapy, which makes our suffering million times worse.

    Most of those who end up in psychiatry and/or who commit suicide because they are left without any hope and any help, are decent folk who have been destroyed by merciless individuals and merciless societies ruled by such individuals. Maybe some of us sometimes have the guts to stand up and tell their heart-wrenching story before they die, but their story, as the one that does not matter, will be buried with them, and along with their life the light they could have been the source of, will be put out as well.

    This is why to speak of a sort of requirement that good people should be the shining light in this dark world, is just adding more to the ocean of hurt.

    Humans can no longer shine any light into the vast darkness this world has become, and if they do, it won’t make an iota of difference. Ours is the era when God Himself needs to return to the world, in order to bring the Light and to save the innocent from the merciless, the evil and the indifferent. There are no other options left.

    1. IMHO, God never left. And “his” domain lies within. Finding that space, we’re told, is like finding a great buried treasure. I will agree that the darkness we’ve been in can seem so overwhelming that there seems no hope. But whether we see it or not or appreciate it or not, we do have options. Despair is the ultimate victory of darkness. That’s why we need to look within for the hope of all hopes. God never left, and is there for the embracing. IMHO, and in my personal experience.

      1. Thank you for your reply, dr Simon. Before I respond to you, I need to add a correction to my former comment. I wrote it very fast and as a result an important part is left out, hence the way it is now is inaccurate and misleading. What I meant to say:

        “It was all started in my childhood, by my own narcissistic mother who used all the tactics to cut me off the world.
        She used gaslighting and other methods of emotional and mental abuse to achieve that. All through my childhood and youth my mother made herself the only one whom I was supposed to love and admire. Her fake Christianity, in fact hypocrisy, was another destructive factor as one that for several years drove me away from faith.

        I was already beyond the years of youth when I had a chance to meet someone, but my mother managed to separate us. Then later on she manipulated the whole family, my father and siblings as well against me, meanwhile blaming me for the fact of separation.”

      2. In response to your thoughts, I do understand where you come from, and I don’t doubt that what you believe is true for both yourself and for many others.

        What I disagree with is the notion that one’s own idea about faith and one’s experience in life, or even of a whole group of people, is universally applicable to everyone. In my view and experience, Christianity as such has become an empty echo-chamber of voicing certain overly positive inspirational quotes even when such ideals can’t really be applied to actual human lives and experiences, or when they can be applied, it is only to a limited scope and in a narrow sense.

        I for one, used to be an overly spirited Christian when I refound my faith in my 30’s, but it would be disingenuous to pretend such enthusiasm and the ideals I believed then. Life taught me that none of these can be voiced as universally valid general truths.

        The idea of free will and the idea that we have options, is a false notion, not only in a spiritual sense but in every aspect of our life. Whatever is true of such notion, is highly relative and subjective. For those who grew up under the sort or similar abuse as I was exposed to, end up with almost no choices and opportunities in life, in every sense, financially, practically, socially, psychologically, you name it. Spiritually as well. Whatever Hollywood stories tell us about this, are either rare exceptions or fairy tales.

        Because if someone grows up in an unloving and nonsupporting toxic family, society has exactly NOTHING to offer for them, only a huge dose of patronising and condescending religious or secular sermon. Moreover, such helpless folk in most cases end up in abusive relationships, which further escalates their misery. Talking of free will in such cases makes no sense, since we live in a world where a helpless individual’s opportunities remaim at the mercy of others, hence they can do only whatever others allow them to do.

        To achieve financial independence on one’s own, is given only to a rapidly shrinking minority, and as we know, without financial independence one’s actual choices in life are non-existent as well.

        That is, not all of us are given any actual options, hence not all of us have any free will that can be applied in reality. If we have options, we do see it, but many of us, don’t have any. That’s reality. For many, the only options given are abject poverty, some kind of life in a home or institution where they will be further abused or even killed, or suicide. Despair is not the victory of darkness – it is a natural human response to one’s own reality when no other options are left, only bad ones. The only choice is there to keep attempting to brainwash oneself into some sort of pretension of positivity or not – again a very meager domain of “options”.

        Maybe God never left, but maybe he did leave many of us for whatever reason. Maybe he never left but he fails to express his presence, and then it is in effect the same as though he has left.

        Then all one can embrace is the void, and the only “option” one has is yet another chance to still hold on to a straw until at least that is given. But in such position no one can be a shining light. In such position faith has but one purpose: to keep the hope that – against the odds – there is still God somewhere beyond the void and there is some sort of life after this one, since there was no life over here. What there was is a life-long attempt to escape suffering and death.

        1. I’m with you, Broken Heart. You speak so much truth in your comments. I’m so glad you wrote them.

          Jeff Crippen is a pastor you might want to check out, and he has a blog about abuse, identifying evil people, building discernment, and seeing the general majority of Christians in most churches today as really ‘c’hristians, not the true remnant. No sugarery positivity cult messages there. A lot of abuse survivors share their stories in their comments, too, and it’s a good blog to follow. Nurture your soul, grow in faith, and there’s also a related church blog, which offers virtual church membership for survivors of abuse who cannot bring themselves to go to a church again, or otherwise don’t have a theologically-sound church near them.

          UnholyCharadeDOTcom (replace the DOT with a period)

          LightForDarkTimesDOTcom (replace the DOT with a period)

          He gives a whole series of sermons specifically talking about evil abusers which can be found at

          SermonAudioDOTcom/crc (replace the DOT with a period)

          Classism and sexism don’t seem to factor into Dr. Simon’s posts, either. Not everyone has equal opportunities in life. And classism is a huge issue nobody seems to want to talk about or even acknowledge. Same with sexism.

          1. I also agree with much of what you said.

            Having grown up in a toxic family and then married an abuser. When I left (without much), I was targeted by predatory bosses and was so weakened and destabilized. My daughter realized how effective her father’s techniques were and, seeing me in my weakened state, decided to up her game and was VERY obviously abusive. (think a more competent Donald Trump) She was trying to isolate me, badger/break me down and get me to the point of suicide. The despair was acute. I completely distanced myself from her and the other abusers and that was key for me as well as learning what was happening and how to respond and protect myself. But as you say, not everyone can do it. I live on very little. Was diagnosed with cancer which I am sure was because of the stress. The doctors attempted to coerce and gaslight me into unneeded/dangerous but profitable “treatments”. Thankfully I had enough of my thinking ability and mental resources left and researched before going in and held my own based on the facts. They threatened and harassed me, but by then, I just didn’t care what they thought.

            I now live alone and am very protective of myself. Have limited contact with the outside. This was essential for finding the beginning of healing. They use psychological, emotional, financial warfare and that takes time to begin to heal and recover from. I am concerned about my future as I am older and alone. I certainly can’t trust my “family” and, from experience, I can’t count on the medical profession either. I am doing my best to remain hopeful, but as you mentioned, I do wonder often if it’s realistic.

            I do think it can be shaming to those who are in the depths of this despair and pain (especially if they are still subjected to the abuser) to hear message that say that with enough faith and courage they will find that light and should show it. Many are praying for that with all their heart. Somehow they failed at that expectation too. I think until you’ve experienced it, it can be hard to understand just how debilitating it is.

            Sending my prayers to you both and all who are suffering.

          2. Not everyone has good in them. Not everyone has a light within them. Not everyone desires or even values love. There are so many evil people in this world, built for destruction (ultimately they are going to hell).

            Why should victims be vulnerable? They shouldn’t. They are already too exposed, too vulnerable as it is. Most, if not all, victims have poor/weak boundaries, either from the start, or over time, as a result of abuser(s) setting out to destroy each boundary (or the boundary setting and maintaining ability) in the targeted victim.

            I appreciate that Dr. Simon allows us to freely comment and disagree with him as well. Most bloggers do not allow such. I think I was a bit unfair in my prior comment as it’s a short post, it cannot factor in everything, such as sexism, classism, racism, etc., but it struck me as reductionist, simplistic, and actually dangerous advice.

            Victims need to batten down the hatches. Abused children of God need to be on guard and protective of themselves, their hearts, and their vulnerabilities. The devil prowls about, seeking to devour. Satan’s children desire to do their father’s will.

            Women were speaking on Twitter about their experiences with the healthcare system and how women’s pain and symptoms are dismissed, disbelieved, or trivialized.

            A good doctor is hard to find. And the good ones usually aren’t taking new patients. Women’s healthcare is substandard. Most drugs aren’t tested on women. Dosing recommendations are made based on men’s bodies. Women are an afterthought in so much, this holds true in healthcare, too. And the labor horror stories! Cruelty towards women while giving birth.

            Yes, Mindful, protect yourself. Women and girls are indoctrinated and socialized to do the opposite and it’s so hard to break that programming and training. It’s an ongoing struggle for me.

            Way too much vulnerability from the ‘positivity’ cult messaging. Bad theology and bad teaching in Christian circles espousing harmful, dangerous beliefs like ‘love them to Jesus’ and blanket, cheap grace, and God loves all (He does not love everyone. God hates the wicked. And we are to be like God. We are to love good and hate evil.)

            Same with Dr. Simon’s “It’s the radiant energy that animates us all. It grants us life and breath. It’s inherently creative and infinitely loving. As such, it’s inherently healing, too. It’s the very core of us. And it resides in the deepest recesses of our heart (soul).”

            Evildoers don’t have radiant energy that animates them that grants them life and breath. God grants each breath we take. Evildoers don’t have “inherently creative and infinitely loving” cores. Quite the opposite. Although the crafty plans of the wicked are often creative, creatively deceptive, creatively evil, creatively sadistic.

          3. A kind disagreement here, if I may. You assert: “Evildoers don’t have radiant energy that animates them that grants them life and breath. God grants each breath we take. Evildoers don’t have “inherently creative and infinitely loving” cores.” But the radiant energy I refer to is, in fact, God, which makes your first two statements contradictory. While the energy is there at at the core of all of us, the very nature of evil is to volunatrily reject, smother, or hide the light out of deadly egoic pride and the vanity of wanting to be superior and dominant as opposed to subservient to the source (I’m writing about this today). Again, look carefully at your strong assertions and sweeping statements. They don’t seem to reflect any of the wisdom you appear to have, but rather only your outrage. And while your anger and rage is fully nderstandable it’s not particularly helpful to those trying to discern the fuller truth.

          4. Of course, I’m excited to read your latest post but have yet to do so.

            Indeed, God grants us all each breath we take. He decides whether we live or die. Our time is in His Hands. He even gives common grace, such as rains that replenish both the fields of a wicked man and a good man.

            This post just sounded New Age-y almost.

          5. Wow, just wow. I am with you Broken Life, and with you too Mindful. Big thank you for your prayers as well – sending my prayers for you, too!

            I have just read your replies, – am blown away by your kindness, wisdom, and your deepest understanding of the nature of our suffering. I agree on all counts, including those you expressed in your other comments. Am aware that this is a thorny subject because what we contest is a covert victim-blaming premise that those who never saw the evil from close by, will never understand.
            (such lack of understanding is a lucky loss)

            As I expressed in my former comments, I deeply appreciate Dr. Simon’s work. His knowledge and insight is the ultimate source to learn about the character disturbed people. One of the take-home messages is their conscious choice to be who they really are.
            Sam Vaknin’s explanation on how the evil (often called narcissists) make the choice, makes a lot of sense – what I think though, that they don’t just make such a choice in childhood, but all over again in their life. I have observed my mother – I do know, I have seen how they make the plan and how mercilessly they execute the plan, and later on, how they even enjoy looking at the damage they have inflicted. For them every single soul is a mere object and such is a useful target, to either capture and exploit to the core, or to destroy.

            By such choice the evil put themselves into the position of a predator while they view the good and decent folk – as the devalued weaklings – as those in the hunted position. This is a practical, pragmatical choice, albeit a criminal one, therefore as long as it brings its fruit, ie as long as the decent won’t learn to build thick fences and fight back via a good fight, the evil will never change or give up their hunting practices. This is the point along which I detect a sort of contradiction. On one hand I got all this from dr. Simon’s work, on the other hand, now it appears that we the hunted mice would radiate some sort of divine light, while escaping and desperately defending ourselves. With all due respect there is a tragicomic edge of such a self-contradictory notion.

            No, instead of day-dreaming, we need practical defence for the decent ones, ie more and strongest boundaries and protection. And first of all, we need more society-wide awareness that a great number of such covert evil-doers exist among us and do their destruction on grand scale without anyone noticing.

            Imo, an essential task of each caring society would be to develop a comprehensive and reliable framework as to how to recognise those who do covert evil, how to avoid that the victims would be falsely identified as “evil”, how to spot a victim-playing evil, and how to make sure that the actual victims are protected from the predators, and so on.

      3. Whenever we look within isn’t enough. It is enough only for oneself, but it makes no difference as to anyone else. So the question remains, who exactly are these entries addressed? To the innocent or to those who made the step to discard innocence?

        Or let me approach the same via this question:
        If the smile of a baby and her unconditional love for her mother isn’t enough to make a “proud woman” change her heart, what and who else is enough?
        If a mother spends her entire life by cheating her husband, dividing her family, lying, slandering, and chasing her daughter out her family and country, then what can stop such a person to stop and allow the light within?
        I use the name of “Broken Heart”, because I am that baby, I am that child and I am that daughter who tried to change her heart, with all my heart and all my love, yet no avail. It hurts beyond the threshold of unbearable, yet, the narrative is such that we, the victims, are responsible for the salvation of our evil abusers. No. Only God knows who these people are and why they are infinitely cruel. We can’t change them, only God can, without human mediation. All we humans can do is to learn to discern and try to deliver the innocent from the eternal responsibility and separate them from their abusers both physically and emotionally.

        This is what Christ would do – if only His followers would act and speak as per the same principle. Discernment.

        1. God does not change or save everyone. Many abused women have been told that ‘God can save anyone’ so they need to keep enduring their abuser husband’s abuse, in hopes of saving him and him changing. This is a bad teaching.

          God doesn’t save everyone. There are those the Bible says to not even pray for.

          So many women stay with an abuser, out of misplaced loyalty, commitment, duty, and hope. (There’s trauma bonding, threats, fear, induced debility, financial abuse, etc. that also factor in). Abusers don’t change. Bondage to an abuser is not okay. There are those who God does not and will not save. In the Bible it asks, ‘What does light have to do with darkness?’ and says to not be ‘unequally yoked’.

          I don’t want to misquote God and His Holy Word, so things are paraphrased, and hopefully correctly done.

          1. @Broken Life
            Very well put! I fully agree with you on all counts, including this particular point.

            From your thoughtful and eloquent input I can tell that you do have a vast and relevant knowledge on these topics.

            To me it makes no sense either – either in practice or just by consideration of the study of psychology and therapy – to make it into a spiritual and/or moral obligation for the abused to remain in the position of being abused – and to even demand that the abused should remain intact psychologically (or to pretend so?) lest the evil would declare victory.

            One of the main shortcomings in the way the Bible is interpreted is that the current dominant theologies consistently ignore the human psychological factor as though humans were not humans but some sort of divine creatures. Christianity did lose a large number of believers because of that mistake. Another question is: What sort of victory is such that when the evil-doer is relieved from the responsibility to face the very consequences of their acts?

            I did check out the link you suggested: indeed it seems to be right on the target. I tried to post comments on the sire but the system didn’t let my comment through. (The error could be due to something on my side though)

  4. Due to the family crisis I’ve just gone through (as I mentioned) until now I couldn’t return to this conversation.

    @Broken Life and Mindful:
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, thoughts and suggestions.
    I will certainly check out the recommended blog – sounds very promising.

    @Dr Simon
    Thank you for all your replies. I very much appreciate your thoughts and I do appreciate as well that you allow one’s expression of a different point of view even if it comes down to a sort of disagreement.


    When it comes to this topic I do share the views of Broken Life and Mindful, likely because I do share their experience and the psychological and philosophical effects of such experience.

    To return to the point I mentioned earlier, even if I see this particular question in a different way, in general, for me your work remains a most relevant, in fact life-saving source of knowledge. Your approach has brought a fundamental change into my life as it taught me to realise who my mother really is, to realise that whatever is “wrong” with me, is due to the effects of a long-term gaslighting by my own mother – she systematically, from my babyhood, practised all the crazy-making, fear- and guilt-inflicting techniques on me, including abandoning me and endangering my life in extreme ways then “regretting” it. She did everything to bring me down to her level, ie to make me as corrupt, immoral, selfish, manipulative and merciless as she is. She hates me, and if she could, would physically destroy me, because she didn’t succeed in that. Hence she lies about me to everyone, to the degree of a crime/slander. She destroyed our whole family, including my father, by dividing all family members.
    My younger brother died at the age of 50 as he stayed exposed to my mother’s relentless gaslighting, lies, manipulations and divide and rule games, my mother managed to destroy his marriage as well. Sadly, my brother didn’t listen to me, instead he kept running back into the arms of his worst enemy.

    The disturbed characters in many, if not in the most cases, are covert criminals. They are merciless to the degree that comes down to murder. This is a society-level major issue, yet it has been going on without anything essential against it, either by the legal system or, as I said, in related therapies. This lack generates an unspeakable amount of family- and individual tragedies.

    Instead of making it a sort of religious requirement that such victims should remain a “shining light” of God (as I explained it is impossible for most victims), in my view, we the actual victims would need the help of those who can shine the light because they are not and were never exposed to such abuse, therefore remained intact and whole.

    This is a spiritual fight in the strictest sense of the word. Merely shining the light is not just not enough, but it makes matters worse, since the evil will NEVER, ever change just by seeing the light. To the contrary – such confrontation triggers them.

    This is what the evil do when they see the light:
    – They try to bring down the good ones to their own level (to kill the light)
    – They try to get rid of anyone who are or could be the source of the light (to sideline, to force into exile or even kill them)
    – If they are not in the position of accomplishing either of the above, they run away from the light and its source.

    This is why I think that the number-one task would be to keep exposing those who choose to be evil and choose to destroy the lives of decent people, even if the spiritual fight against the dark always comes with a certain risk of either of some loss of one’s light or of the seeming loss of it.

  5. @Mindful

    I keep re-reading your comment and it keeps bringing me to tears.

    Thank you for sharing your exceptionally saddening story. It is unspeakable how much hurt and how deep difficulties this ultimately narcissistic society has caused you.

    Even though my faith is often shattered, I do too believe in prayers. From now I pray that God would help you in this immensely difficult life-situation by sending you an actual human being, either as a friend and/or doctor, who has a heart, who cares about you, and who will give you all help you need in every sense.

    Thank you so much for your prayers. It is likely due to them that the crisis that caused me so much trouble and which has brought me to this blog, is now over.

    1. Broken Heart,

      You’re so kind, Broken Heart. Your compassionate response brought me to tears as well. Thank you for your thoughtful prayer for me. The funny thing is it is exactly what I have been praying for myself. Perhaps with both of us praying it will be heard. I know that your response in itself is a blessing. Thank you.

      You’re so welcome. That’s such wonderful news! What a relief that must be.

      1. Thank you so much, dear Mindful. How wonderful and precious you are!
        To be friends with or even to know someone like you, is what makes this life worthwhile, despite all the slings and arrows…

        I keep praying for you with my full belief that God shall grant you what you need and all that you wish for.

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