How a Sound Ego Operates

A Sound Ego

A sound ego is strong one. But it’s also an ego in proper balance. We need our egos to operate in this world. But big problems occur when our egos are unhealthy. So, we need an ego that is strong, balanced, and rightly-purposed.

Ego-inflation lies at the heart of most narcissism. Some narcissists may have strong egos, to be sure. But their egos are also out of balance. Accordingly, these narcissists think too much of themselves. And because their egos are also strong, they resist self-modification.

Folks with weak egos are vulnerable to abuse and explotation. So are folks with deflated egos. Thinking too little of yourself is just as problematic as being enamored of yourself.

Ego’s Nature and Purpose

There’s a lot of misinformation about ego and its nature. Some folks describe ego and personality as parts of our “false” self. That’s the sense of self we develop in response to the world as we perceive and experience it. But to call this sense of self “false” is less than accurate. True, it sometimes reflects the social “mask” we wear. And true, we sometimes hide behind the image we project to protect ourselves. But who we construct ourselves to be is anything but false. Our egos are both real and necessary. So why, you might wonder, are so many problems associated with ego?

We need a solid and balanced ego to navigate this crazy world of ours. But finding the right balance isn’t easy. And rightly purposing our ego is an even more daunting task.

Claiming Our Bigger Selves and an Ego in Proper Service

Those who’ve “awakened” spritually have discovered their truer, deeper selves. They’re  aware that who they really are at the core is bigger than they ever imagined. It’s certainly bigger than the “smaller” self they constructed to navigate the world. It’s priceless, too. It’s like buried treasure, awaiting discovery.

Awakened individuals know their worth and from where it comes. They don’t look outward for validation or affirmation. And their inner sense of worth is not inflated, either. Rather, they appreciate that they are a part of something so grand it’s truly impossible to fully comprehend. And, as a result, they surrender their egos to the service of that something bigger. Accordingly, they unleash creating, loving, energy into the world. In a very real sense, they freely “participate” in the ongoing process of creation.

Mastering the Task

Awakenings happen in their own time and manner. But you can facilitate matters by learning and heading some crucial axioms. I call these essential life lessons the “10 Commandments” of character. I first outlined them in Character Disturbance. And I explore them in depth in Essentials for the Journey.

We desperately need more positive, creative energy in the world. That means we need more folks with strong, healthy egos. That means egos aware of the bigger picture and in voluntary service to it. This is ultimately what it means to have full character integrity.

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