Essentials for the Journey Now Available

Essentials for the Journey

Essentials for the Journey might well be my last book. I’ve spent years on the project, and it’s been a true labor of love. And now, it’s finally available as a CreateSpace paperback or e-book (Kindle) on Amazon.  As soon as the paperback book page went online at Amazon, orders started coming in. That pleases me greatly. But this project is not, and has never been, about selling anything – except the book’s main point: the importance of character. I’m doing my very best to make character matter again, and to make it “cool” for folks to think so.

In Essentials for the Journey, my contributing author and I expand upon the “Ten Commandments” of character I first introduced in my book Character Disturbance. I’ve learned how these time-tested principles can help anyone grow emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. And that’s ultimately what good character is all about. It’s about taking to heart and living out the principles that make for a rich, respect-worthy life.

A Very Different Book

Essentials for the Journey isn’t just a rehash of the “Ten Commandments.” It ended up over 300 pages long for a very good reason! It’s hard to say enough about what’s been at the root of so many of our relationship problems and social ills and what we all have to do to rectify things. So, my co-author and I filled the book with illustrative examples and supporting data. We wanted to make the point and make it well! To be of solid, mature, character, takes a lot of mindful effort. But the effort is worth it. We human beings are capable of a lot – both good and bad. And to be all that we truly can be requires a major development of our hearts and minds.

So, that’s ultimately what this book is about – providing the sustenance we need to be all that we have the potential to be. Just like In Sheep’s Clothing, it’s meant to strike a chord and resonate. And I sincerely pray it does. I truly believe the principles it espouses can help anyone at any age grow in overall character health.

The Happiest of New Years to all!



2 thoughts on “Essentials for the Journey Now Available

  1. Congratulations, Dr Simon!
    I am trilled to hear about your new production .
    Can’t wait to read it. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Thank you for all the work you have done over the years! I just purchased your book and have mentioned it to many. Your books and this site have helped me so very much!

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