Essentials for the Journey Audiobook Now Available

Essentials for the Journey

The Essentials for the Journey Audiobook is now available on Amazon.

Now you can ponder the “10 Commandments of Character” while riding in your car, working out at the gym, or taking a walk. The project has been long in the making. But I believe the effort will prove worth it.

Remember, the “commandments” in this book are not just imperatives for the character disturbed among us. Rather, they’re time-tested principles that can help anyone grow in emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.

Living the True “Good Life”

For a long time living the “good life” meant enjoying abundant material means and pleasures. But a truly fullfilling life is a life of purpose and proper direction. This life is a one-time experience. And, it’s true purpose and meaning eludes many of us, especially in an age and culture steeped in narcissism.  Too many of us either have too much and expect much, or feel we’ve been cheated, and crave more. In either case, underneath it all, we’re dissatisfied, and prone to various addictions that satisfy us for moments but leave us chronically starving.

The real “good life” is a life lived with integrity of character, and in the company of others of noble character. And that’s precisely why Essentials for the Journey audiobook is so timely. The stories in it are sometimes fictionalized a bit to preserve anonymity. But they’re sure to resonate, because they speak to situations and circumstances that are so commonplace.

Lately, I’ve been deluged with mail from folks who insist my emphasis on character is misguided. But abundant experience has convinced me otherwise. I speak to this issue on the latest Character Matters podcast.

Spreading the Word

I’m particularly edified that my work has historically gained recognition through word of mouth. And I trust the same will hold true for this latest work. Naturally, I want to reach as many people as possible. After all, that’s precisely how our character-impaired age will give way to a new reality: one heart at a time, beginning with our own. So, I hope those positively impacted by the book will take the time to post a review and to recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.


One thought on “Essentials for the Journey Audiobook Now Available

  1. Dr. Simon,
    Character does matter and you are not wrong. I don’t agree with you just because it suits my needs or wants, but because I’ve lived first hand most everyone in my life living a life of their character doesn’t matter.
    People want to hold others accountable for the exact things they do not hold themselves accountable for.
    Example: trust, disrespect, lies, bullying, etc.
    I’ve learned that the majority is not always right, so when the enemy comes against us in a flood we’re often the truth teller.
    Anyway, that’s my thought regarding this article.
    Thank you for your work.

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