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  1. Dear Dr Simon

    I’m writing to offer some insight as to how In Sheep’s Clothing has help me and I hope that what I have written here may help another person who is lost and looking for a way back to their life. I’ve read In Sheep’s Clothing several times and can honestly say it has been instrumental in my journey of reclaiming my life after a relationship with a disturbed character. After 5 years of off and on I was at wits end. I was depressed and spiralling down further after each episode with my ex.

    I read everything I could get my hands on about disturbed characters and associated personality disorders. I also read inspiring books as well as books on overcoming adversity, books of quotes, photography books – anything that was positive and made me feel good. I still carry some of them in my handbag in case I feel I need a lift.

    In Sheep’s Clothing talks about working out what makes you vulnerable to this type of person and despite my initial reaction to this suggestion I’ve learnt it really is a crucial step in gaining your life back.

    Something that made me vulnerable is my own beliefs. I had convinced myself he was ‘the one’. I thought I wouldn’t be going through all this for nothing. I convinced myself my future was with this person so I did everything in my power to make this relationship work. He knew this (I had told him more then once!)and that is what allowed him to treat me so badly – he knew I would always take him back and do anything I could to make ‘things better’ because I considered him my future. This goes beyond taking someone for granted – this is like a ‘kid in a candy shop’ for a disturbed character – unlimited manipulation and control with no boundaries or consequences.

    The last component of the book that I believe is the key to personal empowerment is accepting that not everyone is the same. Disturbed characters REALLY ARE different from other people. They know they are doing the wrong thing, they know they are hurtful but they JUST DON’T CARE! You want to believe this doesn’t apply to your situation but it does and once you accept this concept your life will be more peaceful knowing you did the right thing in leaving.

    I believe my situation is an excellent example of the importance of your empowerment tools but you need to be an emotinally healthy person to execute these tools and I was not this person. Judging actions not intension, acting quickly and putting in boundaires are all thing that could have kept my life under my control. I’m still coming to terms with this and trying not to beat myself up about it. Sometimes life lessons come at a very big cost and I feel this is what happen to me. However, I still consider myself one of the lucky ones – I got my life back. What is more important then that?

    Never in a million years did I think I would be at the point I am now. I love my life again, I can see the old me is coming back and that gives me strength and reassurance I’m on the right track. I still have low days but I handle them a lot better then I used to. I am still working on my vulnerabilities and understanding myself better and what I want from life but I recognise that I am a happier person away from my ex then I ever was when I was with him. When I look back at our ‘good times’, I was never as content and calm as I am now. I got this sort of insight from cutting off all contact and giving myself some time.

    If anyone is in the same situation I was in can I suggest:

     Accept that your life is about YOU. It’s not about ‘carrying’ someone else or trying to ‘help’ them or ‘rescue’ them. Your number 1 responsibility is to YOU. Disturbed characters lean on other people because they are not strong enough to carry all of their damaging traits and need to unload them from time to time. Don’t be a dumping ground!
     Read In Sheep’s Clothing more then once, more then twice. You will notice that different messages resonate with you at different times depending on where you are at with your recovery.
     Be determined to get through the bad times and regain YOUR life. I would read everything I could just to find one positive quote or saying or story to keep me moving forward.
     You will feel better, you will feel happier and your life will come back – just give yourself time, patience and lots of TLC

    I’m looking forward to reading the new book – can’t wait for the lessons……

    1. Hello,

      It was nice to read your comment about the book. I want to buy it also but I have problems signing in to Amazon and I do not get any help from there. So it is impossible for me to get the book.

      Anyhow, about relations I think nowadays, that a good relation and friendship should be more or less EFFORTLESS. There should not be fights all the time, not arguing, not so many bad feelings, supressed feelings all the time. You should be able to tell freely how you feel or your opinion without getting back violent attacks, verbal or physical – and the other person has a right to say his/her opinions and express her feelings, too. Whenever the relationship or friendship does not go on basically smoothly and more or less effortlessly, I think that it is better to go away. People have nowadays so much to do, they have their work, they have children, they have all kind of FUN things they can do – so why the hell waist the time with someone, with whom things are not simply going on happily??? And actually you do not need any other reasons to make that decision. You do not must look for lies or things like that to prove, that the relationship/friendship is full of nothing, because you just FEEL it. It is empty. It is too heavy – and life is not supposed to be heavy. Relationships are supposed to be joy in people’s lives, not constant sorrow.

  2. Dear Dr Simon,

    Sincere and heartfelt thanks for a great website – reading it has given me some comfort.

    My recent relationship was fraught with LIES (she’s just a ‘friend’), denial, put downs and anger. I wasted time, money and compromised my sanity.

    The last straw was when we went on holidays overseas for 3 weeks where he initiated fights with me DAILY. I now understand that this was a tactic he used to get rid of me as his relationship with his ‘friend’ had intensified and I was clearly on my way out. I called the relationship off 5 days after we arrived home by confronting him about her. We broke up on a Saturday afternoon and by eveneing (same day) he had announced to all at a party they went to that she was his girlfriend. I gave my ex an opportunity to walk away from the relationship we had, but he always assured me I had nothing to worry about?! Can this be normal behaviour??

    What is most painful for me now is that he has stonwalled me. I sent the last of his things to him by registered post and he sent them back to me ‘return to sender’ – clearly trying to hurt me. Also, whenever he sees my sister he runs over to greet her as if she’s a great dear friend of his and as if nothing has happened. My sister described his behaviour as if he is ‘dodging bullets’ by making everyone think he did nothing wrong. I have asked my sister to tell him off next time by reminding him the self-esteem damage he has caused. I feel so sad. I did nothing wrong.

    Thanks again Dr Simon for caring about mankind and helping us understand about these people.

    FM (Australia)

    1. Flo,

      I’m sorry for the betrayal. I went through it too. It hurts bad – for a while – and then you get angry. The anger seems to dissipate the hurt, anyway in my case. I hope you get to feeling less distraught as time goes on. Be glad you’re done (in a sense anyway) with the lying cheat piece of ****.

  3. do you know of any studies done on victims of narcissistic abuse? if so , please email me. i would travel the ends of the earth to have a professional hear my story.

  4. When you see a large white space here, think of all the cruel evils, and be surprised to learn wives are not always the victim

    Then think decades more. Pained, arrested, or dead, it’s a daily power game. Affairs or passionate love, lies or can’t recall, it’s always stealing the truth….

  5. Dr. Simon I really need your help. Ive been in a psychopathic relationship for 38 yrs. It has cost me everything. My job. (27 yrs) Down the drain, my children. Turned against me. It seems as if it will never get better. My own mother and husband set me up. The betrayal is like nothing I have ever experienced. I need to talk to someone who knows what I am talking about. Now, I have no insurance, which makes it even worse. That in itself is a problem. I don’t want to die sad. Please help me.

    1. Gigi,
      Welcome and I hope we can be of some assistance to you. We have a pretty good group of people that reply. You sound very desperate and somewhat destitute. Have you considered going to the Women’s Center ? They have counselors and group meetings you can attend at no cost.

      They are very empathetic and understand the dynamics of a CD relationship. You will find a lot of support there. You are welcomed to post here too. I am not sure at this point what I can help you with. I can suggest you read Dr. Simons books and of course read all you can in the archives.

      You will find many stories similar to yours. We try to find answers and resolutions to the dilemma many of us find in having lived with the CD.

      I encourage you to write freely what is going on in your life.


  6. Dear Dr. Simon,
    I read your book ” In sheeps clothing” and suddenly understood the behavior of my last boyfriend and of my mother. 50 years! I was bonded to her by manipulation and destructive behavior but in such a hidden way, that I could not identify it. She is so lovely in public und everyone trusts her, so that my own feelings since early childhood seemed to be wrong. “Be glad to have such a nice mother” I always heard from all sides.
    She uses 8 or 9 of your described technics, that is enough. Not identyfying, what happened to me all the time, I fell in love with a real bad narcissist. He opened my eyes in a real bad way. He uses all of your described technics!!! At the end of our relationship he said, that he has no feelings for anyone, including his parents.
    That is true. I saw him smiling, when his friend came out of a hospital, broken because of a very heavy desease, unable to work anymore. And my “boyfriend” smiled and was happy about it!!! He never visited him in hospital and when he heard, that his friend could not work anymore und therefore was useless for my boyfriend, he let him down, broke friendship and told everyone lies about his old friend to cover his own bad behavior. He is becoming more worse. He tries to break people, to break their soul.
    I have never seen things like that before. Such a covered hate to everyone!!!
    Now he has a new girlfriend and I think, he will behave much more worse to her than to me.
    He is glad to hurt people after they built up trust in him. This seems to be his
    hobby. Sometimes he showed very strange opinions and told me that he thinks, that there are two persons inside of him. After leaving him, I thought a long time about it and discovered, that he switches between the personality of his father and his mother (both are strange people). He has only small parts of an own personality. His parents had been together 50 years in a very bad relationship. I am a little bit afraid of this man, so I stay away from him.
    I am still very shocked. On the other hand I am glad to know now about my mother..
    If that man had not “helped” me to open my eyes, I would stay my mothers little daughter and servant until the end of my life.
    So thank you very much for your book.
    Moni from Germany

    1. Moni,

      I’m glad to hear you have come out of these relationships with a still life, that now makes sense to you. For me, once I understood and accepted the reality of the person causing me grief the hurt feelings went away. Now it’s time to recover. So exhausting dealing with these types of people, and your X sounds awful scary.

      1. Hallo Lucy,
        thank you for your comment. Sometimes I have to look for the vocabulary, because this is my old School English. I think, he is really scary, I found some hints, that he was sexually and emotionally abused in his early childhood. I am not sure, but he gave me some hidden und weird hints. I am like a detective to understand what happened. I think, that it was his grandfather und perhaps his own father, and his mother closed her eyes, so that she could have a “family.” But nevertheless, there must be some natural awful traits in him too. Thank God, that he is not a child abuser in a sexual way. I am sure about it. And I am really sure, that he does not know about his own abuse or he denies it.
        Once he spoke with the voice of his father, asking me not to smoke so many cigarettes. He did not only speak like his father, he “was” his father at that moment. He has a deep hate against women, therefore I think, that his mother was involved in it in some way. I really hope, that he has no personal crisis the next years. He is not physically violent against women, “only” sadistic in his behavior (not sexual behavior). But he has been violent toward men in the past (Beatings). It is the first time, that I write about my suspicion and discoveries. And I really hope , that his new girlfriend will not be emotional destroyed by him. As far as I know, she had been married to a man before, who betrayed her about 18000 €. So, she is a very good victim for him. She thinks, she has met her dream partner. It will be the hell after a short time. I hope, you believe me. It sounds so crazy and so dangerous. If my suspicions are right, he is an explosive mixture of different personality disorders.

        For me, it is getting better. I know, he is not normal at all. It is not my guilt. I will have strong boundaries in my future and be more careful with people. It is not my task to rescue people, it is my task to become happy. But it is still a long hard way and I am 51.!!!!

        I am just discovering my own wishes, my own life and change a lot of things. So many of my workmates say, I have changed the last months in a very positive way. It is not only to recover, but to develop my own personality, which was repressed by my mother and X.

        Thank you for answering so fast, I was happy, that there was someone listening to me.

        I wish all the best to you on your way.

  7. Moni,

    I’m listening. So are others, as you see, even Dr. Simon. Dr. Simon has so many enlightening articles in this website as are his books.
    You have lived with a person with severe mental disorders and I’m glad you came out of it and looking forward to your new life. I know a good life is out there – minus the disordered people. There are so many kind people. We just have to beware to not become victimized again.
    I hope to keep hearing from you.

    1. Dear Charlie,
      thank you for believing. Yes, and you “hit the ball.” It is a german expression, that you are right in your opinion.

      Dear Lucy,
      I will write again. But at the moment I have to work. I did not sleep well last night, because it is still upsetting (exciting). I hope I found the right english word.
      Sometimes I think, I have been part of a really cheap TV-film, which I called nonsense before I had this experience. Now I know better.

  8. Dr. Simon,

    I recently attended and enjoyed one of your workshops. You mentioned that people could request the relationship partners version of your “Errors in Thinking” and “Responsibility Avoidance Behaviors” worksheets. At your convenience I would be interested in copies of them.

    Thank you,
    (the woman behind the curtain)
    A Cry for Justice website

  9. Dr. Simon,

    I need help.
    Can you help me.
    I am a manipulative person.
    I live in the Chicago area.
    I’m having a hard time finding someone to help me.
    Can you refer me to someone there?

    1. Robert Kemper,

      Another way to get help is to simply help yourself.
      You may want to confess the same to your near and dears who may be having difficult time with you. Simply tell them that you are manipulative person and everyone will be better off if you get treated as such. Or, just simply point them to this blog, and they should be able to help themselves, and in turn help you indirectly.

      It is good to see that you are honest and forthcoming. I am sure you will eventually find the kind of help you are seeking.

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