“Character Matters”

The new Character Matters program with Dr. George Simon features timely information about narcissism, sociopathy, manipulators, and character disturbances of all types that threaten our relationships, our social environment, and even our most treasured institutions.

You can find Dr. Simon’s YouTube channel here:


Character Matters will be a LIVE event on Thursday, Oct 7, 2021 from 10:30-11:30 am CDT. You can find the link to the program on YouTube. And you can call in questions at (501) 258-8326 or you can submit questions in advance on the Contact page.


The New Character Matters: Links to Early Episodes

Episode 1

“The New Character Matters” Program

The new Character Matters program begins with a multi-program series on narcissism. This episode introduces the new format, and the series.

Episode 2

“All About Narcissism” – Part 1

This program continues a discussion on narcissism. Dr. Simon discusses how and why some folks never outgrow their infantile egocentricity and how this contributes to narcissism. And he discusses the crucial life lessons that must be both learned and embraced to be emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy enough for a meaningful and lasting intimate relationship.

Episode 3

“All About Narcissism” – Part 2

Part 2 of a series on Narcissitic Personalities.

Episode 4

“All About Narcissism” – Part 3

In Episode 3 of “All about Narcissism” I begin a discussion of some of the more “malignant” forms of narcissism and the underpinnings of these more severe character disturbances.

Episode 5

“All About Narcissism” – Part 4

An introduction to the most malignant narcissists – aggressive personalities who break the rules, wantonly use and abuse, and feel entitled to do so.

Episode 6

“All About Narcissism” – Part 5

Narcissism becomes particularly malignant when characterized by pathological (i.e. non-compensatory) grandiosity, a lack of empathy, and an absence of conscience. This episode lays a foundation for understanding the most predatory aggressors among us: psychopaths (alt: sociopaths).

Episode 7

“All About Narcissism” – Part 6

Today’s episode of “All About Narcissism” discusses the “gaslighting” effect, pathological grandiosity, predatory aggression, pathological lying, heartlessness, and other features of the most malignant forms of narcissism as well as the phenomenon of “therapy-induced trauma” sometimes experienced by folks seeking help.

Episode 8

“All About Narcissism” – Part 7 “Tactical Pathological Lying”

Why do people lie? Generally, to avoid the unpleasant or to secure the pleasant you don’t think you can secure honestly. But some folks lie even when the truth would suffice – or would seem even to be to the advantage. This seems “crazy.” But, as with all things some disturbed characters do, there’s method to this seeming madness!

Episode 9

“All About Narcissism” – Part 8 “The Amorous Narcissist”

Some folks know how to charm, seduce, and “ego massage.” But in our character disturbed times, you have to beware. Not everyone who shows interest in you is capable of positively regarding or loving you. This program takes a look at amorous narcissists of both the more benign “vulnerable” or compensatory variety and the more malevolent, exploitative type.

Episode 10

“All About Narcissism” – Part 9 “Shame and Shamelessness”

For years “pop psychology” had it very wrong about shame. And having witnessed the horrors of truly shameless conduct, many are looking for a better understanding. I hope you like this discussion on shame and shamelessness and the role a pathological lack of shame plays in narcissism.

Episode 11

“All About Narcissism” – Part 10 “Narcissistic Use and Abuse and Regret, Remorse, and Contrition”

How do you know when someone is genuinely sorry and willing to change?