Character Matters Live Broadcast May 1

Character Matters – Live on May 1, 2024

Today we announce a Character Matters live broadcast May 1.  Character Matters is the program that discusses what I consider to be the defining issue of our time. As I’ve mentioned in many prior podcasts and blog articles, we humans have always had our character-related issues. But there’s plenty of evidence that things have gotten out of hand. And the solution lies where it always has: the fostering of good character. Problem is, we’ve largely forgotten how to do this. We’ve lost sight of the values essential to solid character and how to best promulgate them.

Our societal problems – from our global conflicts at the macro level to our intimate relationship disasters at the smaller, more personal level – all have their roots in underdeveloped character. And only the fostering of good character can turn things around. Laws can’t do it. We have millions of laws on the books already. However people of impaired character don’t heed them, whereas people of good character don’t really need them. And that’s because the values and standards of conduct the laws are meant to foster reside where it makes the most difference: in their hearts.

(See also: Laws Can’t Fix What Only Character Can.)

Time For The Right Kind Of Discussion

The various media are chock full of polarized, divisive, and often hateful and self-serving content. What’s lacking is a truly meaningful, honest, and genuinely loving conversation – the kind of conversation that can genuinely promote human wellbeing. And time is of the essence. We must get seriously honest with ourselves about ourselves and with each other about each other or we just might not make it as a species. Moreover, even if we do make it, we’re likely to experience mounds of unnecessary trauma.

We have more to offer one another than we might think. We’re all in this enterprise we call live together. And we’re all connected, in ways we can barely comprehend. So, it behooves us to do what we can do best but have largely forgotten how to do constructively: talk to one another. So, hope to hear from folks, whether it’s to ask a question about any of my books, blog articles, past Character Matters podcasts, etc., or to simply offer an opinion. The only thing that will be considered out of bounds would be something genuinely unloving or mean-spirited.


If you just want to listen, you just need to go to my YouTube channel where all of my podcasts and videos are posted. To participate in the Character Matters live broadcast,  just use the following link to enter the studio from any computer, tablet, phone, or other smart device: Character Matters Live Program 5-1-24. 

The formal link address is:

The studio will open approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled broadcast time for those who want to be sure to get in.

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