Character Matters Goes Live March 22

Character Matters Live

Character Matters Live will air March 22, 2023. It will be a Facebook Live event. And you can register for it by following this link to my professional Facebook page.  You can also use AND SHARE this QR code to get to the page:

You can also register with this link or with the link posted in the description section of the March 17 Character Matters announcement of the event.

Participating in Character Matters Live

From past experience, I anticipate a lively discussion. And I especially hope folks want to discuss some of the misinformation circulating on social media. Character disturbance is a serious problem. It affects every single aspect of our lives. That’s why it’s so important to understand its true nature, the reasons for it, and what we can all do to help matters.

To be part of the live conversation, use the following link to the broadcast studio. The link is also posted on my professional Facebook page. I will do my best to visit with as many as possible. Be aware that your participation will be via video.

Inner Champion Summit Interview

A little while back I was interviewed by Accolon Hollingsworth on the Inner Champion Summit. And you can view the conversation via this link on my YouTube channel.

Accolon and I discussed our times of rampant character dysfunction. And we talked about how and why relationships are so troubled these days. We also explored why it’s so hard to get the right kind of help sometimes.

Character disturbance is the defining issue of our time. And that’s the reason I’ve written all my books and blog articles. Accolon and I discuss how the problem affects every aspect of our lives. We also discuss the impetus for my book Essentials for the Journey and what each one of us can do help bring the age of narcissism to a close and usher in more wholesome times.




One thought on “Character Matters Goes Live March 22

  1. Dr. Simon, it is truly amazing to look at my life, see the depth I have fallen to and find your work.
    You have moved mountains in my life and given strength and courage to see my wife/former wife (not sure as I have not seen her since police arrested her 2 and a half years ago) from a different perspective. I have a long way to go!
    Thank-you very much.

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