Bullies Manipulators Narcissists and other Problem Characters

I’ve been getting more mail than usual lately from across the globe from people who have found my book In Sheep’s Clothing, workshops I have done, this blog, other blogs for which I write helpful to them in understanding some of the difficult characters they’ve had to deal with in their lives.  As always, this kind of feedback is both edifying as well as informative.  One dedicated woman in Sweden used her experience with a bully in the workplace as an inspiration to develop her own site devoted to informing people about the repercussions of dealing with such persons.  Recently, she wrote to inform me that she has had In Sheep’s Clothing featured on her site for several years because she believes it “to be  of immense help to everyone who has ever had to deal with manipulative individuals.”  She had similar kind comments for the blog, expressing the hope that information on it it will help many understand the most difficult characters in their lives and how to deal effectively with them.  I promised her that I would provide readers of this blog a link to her blog.  So, here it is:  http://www.evah.org/.  

I’ve also recently received an email from a gentleman who along with his wife has come through a remarkable ordeal with a family member with significant disturbances of character.  Because my current book on disturbances of character is not yet ready for release, I advised him to get a “sneak peek” so to speak at much of material that will be included in the book regarding narcissists, antisocial personalities, and indeed all sorts of problem characters by visiting this blog, my website: http://www.drgeorgesimon.com/ and some of the international blogs for which I regularly contribute articles, most especially:  http://counsellingresource.com/features/

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