Essentials for the Journey

Essentials for the Journey: 

Embracing and Living the Ten Commandments of Character- Proven Principles for a Psychologically Healthy and Spiritually Rich Life

Finding a person of genuine integrity to partner with for life and becoming the person we all have it within us to be are harder than ever challenges in a cut of relativism, permissiveness, indulgence, and entitlement. But there is hope. The “Ten Commandments” espoused in Essentials for the Journey provide powerful sustenance for the journey toward psychological and spiritual health.


Whether you’re a person in a relationship with a character-impaired person, or a seeker of your own personal growth, the principles explored in this book may be just what you need to fashion a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

The character crisis we’ve all experienced for several decades now came upon us slowly, incrementally, insidiously. And as a society, we’ll turn things around and usher out the age of narcissism the same way: one heart at a time. I hope you find it in your heart to thoroughly ponder what represents the culmination of my life’s work. Essentials for the Journey is available on Amazon in paperback, digital format and audiobook. I hope you not only read it and enjoy it but also recommend it, and, if you have a mind to, submit a review.