This page features a few video performances/renditions of the song “America, My Home!”

This first featured rendition was fashioned by an independent producer who paired some patriotic images with the best audio quality version of Ricky David Tripp’s moving vocal performance.

This second featured performance was part of the Arkansas Tribute to the Men and Women in Uniform event organized by Governor Mike Huckabee and sponsored by the late philanthopist Jennings Osbourne. You can see and hear for yourself the power and impact of this “goosebump”-evoking anthem by visiting:

This third featured performance is a video montage aired by a regional ABC TV affiliate during the first few days following September 11, 2001. The audio portion of the montage has been recently enhanced with new orchestration.

The final featured performance is from the magnificent “Celebrate America” event over Indepedence Day weekend at the Shoreline Amphitheater in the Bay Area of California and features a full live orchestra and 66 voice choir.

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