A Major Correction

Dear readers:

Over the years, I have written articles not only for this site but also for several other notable internet “blogs.”  Many of the articles I’ve written for other blogs are on topics not particularly suited for this one.  But on several occasions, I have posted on this blog modified versions of articles originally written for or posted on other sites.  Over the past year or so, I have done this more frequently, as it has, for various reasons, become increasingly difficult for me to fashion entirely new content.  But I have been made aware of how, in so doing, I have possibly negatively impacted the well-being of another enterprise.  I must therefore do some things to rectify matters, so I’m taking the following actions:

  • First, henceforward all of my weekly articles for this blog will be pieces that you will not be able to be find anywhere else on the web except on this site.  And I will do my best to make this site an even more unique and helpful resource than it has ever been.
  • Second, should you access some existing articles that were fashioned from material originally written for another site, you might find yourself being re-directed to the original article on the site to which the article was first submitted.

I must tell you that I have never written for just any blog or site, and any re-directs you might encounter will be to only one particular site that not only has a fantastic international reputation but also has a lot of other valuable content on it.  I have been on the faculty of this site for a long time, even before my own was developed.  And in addition, one very helpful and popular feature on this site contains hundreds of articles I’ve written during my more active writing years on a wide variety of topics, many of which would have seemed a bit out of place had they been posted on the Manipulative People blog.  Nonetheless, if you find yourself being re-directed, it will be directly to the article I have written and not just to the alternate site, so you will have full access to the information you might have been seeking.

It might take a week or so for you to notice any changes.  And in many cases, you won’t notice any change at all except for the fact that there will be more fresh, informative, and completely unique posts appearing on this site each week.

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