A Fulfilling Life through Character Integrity

A Fulfilling Life

If anything eludes many of us in our narcissitic age, it’s a genuinely fulfilling life. The dominant culture teaches us to gratify ourselves, however and whenever we can. And it offers us numerous ways to do it, too. One might wonder, therefore, why so many of us are so unhappy.

There’s no doubt that the ways we typically gratify ourselves can make us feel good, at least for a while. But satisfying our cravings and momentarily forgetting our pain is not the same as truly loving ourselves. Moreover, the things that appease us the most can easily become addictions. They trap us in an endless cycle of indulging and feeling good in the moment while feeling only distress and emptiness in the times in between.

Integrity of character is important for many reasons. It’s the essential backbone of a civil and prosperous society. And it’s also the key to wholesome, lasting relationships. But perhaps above and beyond all else, while it’s perhaps the best-kept secret, it’s the way to a genuinely fulfilling life.

A Fulfilling Life

Adequately describing a genuinely rich and fulfilling life is difficult. It’s much easier to describe what it is not. It’s certainly not a life dominated by a narcissistic culture’s definitions of happiness or success. And it’s not a life lived solely as you feel you must as opposed to the life for which your very soul cries out. And if character integrity were only about behaving in a civil manner, it could not possibly be the path to personal fulfillment. In truth, however, character is about far more than mere civility – so much more!

Those familiar with my books Character Disturbance and Essentials for the Journey know that I believe that developing character is life’s most important task. It’s a painstaking process that involves the learning of critical life lessons I call the 10 Commandments of Character. And while embracing the lessons these “commandments” teach can indeed make anyone a better person, that’s not the ultimate goal. Rather, the ultimate goal is a rich, rewarding, life, a life full of love and constant opportunities for more love.

A richer, more fulfilling life is the natural result of a psychological and spiritual awakening. At one level, embracing the “commandments” I’ve often referenced empowers, which is a value in itself. But at a much deeper level, living out the principles the commandments teach is both consciousness-expanding and heartwarming. It’s living on a different plane and with higher levels of awareness and appreciation.

I have more to say about this topic on the latest installment of Character Matters.

14 thoughts on “A Fulfilling Life through Character Integrity

  1. A richer, more fulfilling life is the natural result of a psychological and spiritual awakening.

    You Bet

    I start my new Job Wednesday.

    1. So it seems you picked up something I sayed afterall.
      Good luck! It’s your ticket to independency and self-respect, you know..

      1. Oh, goodness. Can you see that you are actually trying to take credit for Joey’s hard earned work and insights?

        Joey has been on this site for many years and has done, and continues to do, the hard work.

        You just got here and it has nothing to do with you. Do you ever wonder why you feel the need to do that? Do you need to feel superior to others for some reason?

        1. Healing

          Thank you.
          Please try and see that there is a grandiouse and unrealistic part of this “Ge”. It is the part that cannot be changed. We are dealing with someone who is disturbed in their thinking.
          If “Ge” wants to take credit for my success let them. It is of course completely not true. Let “Ge” have their fantasies.
          They get energy from replies. It gives them something to get hold of.

          1. Dr GEORGE .K. SIMON takes ALL CREDIT 1000,001% for my success.
            I see so clearly what I dealt with for 47 yrs.

            A richer, more fulfilling life is the natural result of a psychological and spiritual awakening.

            You Bet

            I start my new Job Wednesday.

            Thank you Dr Simon

          2. I have always given great latitude to commentators in the interest of a robust discussion. I draw the line on viciousness or vileness or pointlessness. My urgings to Ge being pointless, comments from him/her are now blocked. But I would not be surprised if he/she persists in trying to get back in. My webmaster is on alert.

    2. Joey,

      I am so excited and happy for you and have thought of you often. Can you say a little more about your new job?


  2. I think people could come to this site already with highly developed characters from their family and spiritual teachings and their own sense of right and wrong. And long standing desire to grow and be more true to themselves

    1. Sharon,

      It is true there are many who do come to this site with highly developed character. However, many come to this site without a clue to their own dysfunctional character that has led them to be in dysfunctional relationships.

      Several years back Dr. Simon did a series on the “Ten Commandments of Character Development.” Truthfully, I have to say this topic matter helped me to change many things in my life that were dysfunctional on my part. I like to say that I am a work in progress till the day I die.

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