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Dr. George Simon is the leading expert on manipulators and other disturbed characters.

He earned his degree in clinical psychology at Texas Tech University and has studied disturbed and disordered characters of all types for over forty years. Dr. Simon is not only an author, but also a public speaker, consultant, professional trainer and composer who has appeared on numerous national, regional and local television and radio programs.

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Charming Charismatic Narcissists Seduce

February 15, 2024 · 2 comments

Charm and charisma are powerful personal attributes. By themselves, they are neither positive or negative qualities. Character makes all the difference. Decent folks with charm and charisma can move mountains and do a lot of good, whereas charming, charismatic narcissists inevitably cause harm.


Playing on Your Good Nature

February 1, 2024 · 2 comments

Good-natured people don't want to believe the worst. And they doubt their own gut hunches when something tells them they're being played.


The Truth about Bullies

January 25, 2024 · 3 comments

Most bullies enjoy demeaning, torturing, belittling, etc. It gives them a feeling of power and a sense of superiority. Worse, to them, it's fun!