Self-Esteem and Merit

Traditional psychology perspectives have unfortunately led to some misconceptions about self-esteem and the value of meritorious conduct.  But these two concepts play crucial roles in healthy character development.  In fact, they’re key aspects of the “ten commandments of sound character development” that I outline in my book Character Disturbance.

I have a DVD coming out around Christmas time that features a compilation of some of my best workshop presentations.  And the same material will also be available as a series of 15-20 minute “webinar” segments.  I’m really excited about this because medical concerns have kept me from doing live workshops for a few years now.

In this excerpt from of one of my presentations titled: Self-Esteem and Merit, I discuss why properly balanced self-esteem and reinforcement for the conscientious exercise of one’s will are of paramount importance to the process of healthy character development.

You can share the YouTube link ( for this video with friends, and you can also find other posts related to the topics discussed here, such as:  How to Inflate an Ego in Three Easy Steps and Merit, Virtue, and Character.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting several other video clips from the upcoming webinar series and DVD.

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