Aggressive Personalities: Part 1

What I call the “aggressive personalities” are the folks who cause the greatest problems both in the conduct of interpersonal relationships and for maintaining the social order.  Below is a link to the second to the last brief clip from my upcoming “webinar” series on disturbed characters  and the abuse and toxic relationships they foster.  Next week, I’ll provide a link to the last excerpt from the series.  Then, we’ll be beginning an entirely new series on a topic that more people have written me about than any other: How to restore sanity and overcome the scars of being in a relationship with a character-impaired person.

Here are some links to Part 1 of the “Aggressive Personalities” segment:

To the Dr. Simon Facebook page featuring the video (this page contains other video clips you might find informative and helpful, so please “like” the page as well as the videos and get your friends to do the same!):

To the YouTube video segment itself:

I also have a big favor to ask the readers.  As some of you know, I am the principle composer of a patriotic composition that I was inspired to write in 1998 in anticipation of the new millennium.  At the time, I was working on a yet unpublished work on the interdependence of freedom and character.  It’s my contention that the real greatness of America has always resided not so much in her military might or economic clout but in her people of good character who honor her best ideals, strive to keep the promise of those ideals, and upon whom the very survival of freedom depends.  Since the song gained some exposure following 9-11, word of mouth has prompted schools, church choirs, civic organizations, bands, and other groups to request performances of the song, and to my great surprise and humble appreciation, the song and its message have now been carried to audiences totaling well over a million, and I have posted many of the performances from across the country on my new Facebook page for the song.  One of the most recent performances featured a full orchestra and 52-voice choir bringing thousands at the huge “Celebrate America 2012” event in the bay area of California to their feet (link provided below).  So, if you’re of a mind to do so, please share the “Anthem for the Millennium (America, My Home!) Facebook page with your friends, invite them to “like” the page itself, and also invite them to listen to the various renditions by folks from around the country that I have posted on the page and on YouTube.

This song is not a product designed to make money.  Its sole purpose is to carry the message about character and freedom and to inspire us as a country to be great again, by motivating others to treasure our blessings and honor our best principles. So, many thanks in advance for passing the word.  Just follow the links below:

To the new “America, My Home!” Facebook page with several posts of the song’s performance (please be sure to “like” the page!:

To the YouTube studio performance of the song popularized during the week following 9-11:

and:  (higher audio resolution)

To the YouTube video of the “Celebrate America” performance (during the 4th of July weekend):

7 thoughts on “Aggressive Personalities: Part 1

  1. There’s a first! I’ve never “liked” anything before on Facebook, my account is pretty cobweb-y, but just “liked” both your facebook page and the song page. Beautiful song! Will of COURSE spread the word :)

  2. Seems to me that many of these CAs *enjoy* making other people miserable. When they hoodwink them, when they manipulate them into doing something stupid, when they manage to throw them into a crisis. There is a sense of gleeful energy there.

    So perhaps not sadists per se, but certainly some element of it, no? Or it is just the joy of power, and the misery is icing on the cake?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Vera. Relishing in the success of the “con” is one thing, enjoying the misery of someone else is another. And as I mentioned, many of the different subtypes of aggressive personalities sometimes share various traits, including sadistic traits. Fortunately, died-in-the-wool sadists are relatively rare.

  3. I wish you would have a text transcript of the video, as I really find watching videos frustrating when I can read, focus, and mediate much better with written words instead of watching a talking head on a video. A video keeps one hostage much like the aggressive personalities in one’s life by demanding a certain kind of attention.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. I have been dealing with some issues making it very difficult to do much writing, lately. But within the next couple of weeks, I hope these issues will be resolved. The next video post will be the last one, and will contain some additional text on the blog. Then we’ll be beginning a whole new and hopefully exciting series of articles.

  4. So true about a nation’s greatness hinging on integrity and character! Thank you, Dr., for reminding Americans of this. We need to get back to the basics of what made this country great. It will be difficult, but we must persevere. Do not give up!

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